Wednesday, January 23, 2019

How to Live Your Life Purpose: Longing, Part One

Beginning a new year marks the opportunity for a new beginning. Have you ever wondered whether you are living up to your full potential, particularly as you straddle the doldrums of parenthood? If so, I invite you to join me in my newest series entitled, "How to Live Your Life Purpose." 

In the coming months, you'll discover how living your life purpose can be divided into six different movements or steps. Further, each step has subsections. I will be sharing a new subsection each week. Subscribers to my website will get exclusive material from this series emailed to them, so be sure that you have subscribed here

The parable of the pearl (Matthew 13:45-46) has long fascinated me. In it, Jesus likens the kingdom of heaven to a rare and beautiful pearl, a pearl of great price. The merchant sells everything for that one pearl. While the reward is rich, the cost is steep—and many will walk away from the offer. Imagine that Jesus is stretching out his hand to offer you a single pearl right now. To grab it, you must go on a journey of six steps. Each of these steps will take you closer to understanding what you must leave behind and grapple with. It will also unlock greater value than you could know otherwise—a treasure from God’s own hand.

The pearl isn’t just about how we spend the afterlife. It’s about the choices we make right now. It’s about the various things, often compelling, that pull at us and effectively rob us of a greater prize. In this series, that prize is the monumental task of doing what we were meant to do on this earth. 

Living your life purpose is not a trivial pursuit. It’s living the life your heart beats for. It’s living the life destined for you by our Creator. Discerning and surrendering to it will unlock some of the richest fulfillment you can find on earth; that’s the power of living in sync with our Creator. Yet, while spiritual principles are plain and simple, living them is sometimes not as easy. We are often unwilling to grasp the pearl.

The first indication that we have not yet grasped the pearl is longing. God leaves his fingerprints on us regardless of our recognition or not. When we do not honor our God-given purpose with the everyday activities of our lives, we experience frustration and longing for change. Longing often feels like a consuming emptiness. Perhaps rallying for your day-to-day life takes a lot of convincing. That’s a sign that God has something better in store for you.

Because this longing can manifest itself in a variety of ways, we’re going to take a closer look at it. We’re going to look at a compelling example from scripture, a contemporary author, theology, and a story from my own life. Keep in mind that this is step one of the journey; God does not want to keep us here. But to grasp the pearl, we must come to terms with our longing for it in the first place. Just like the merchant who is searching for the pearl in Jesus’ parable, our longing is indicative of the need for our search.

Questions to think about this week: Do you feel like your heart is longing for something? Do you feel like anyone else really understands — whether you're experiencing a subtle ache or consuming dissatisfaction? Do you think that's God trying to lead your heart as only your Creator can? 


  1. Wow! As if u knew what I've been thinking. Ty

    1. Thank you for writing in! I'm grateful you've found this entry helpful. Be sure to follow the whole series! Blessings, Noelle

  2. I have been spiritually lost, but coming towards God bit by bit and I heard people share about the promises. I looked that up and wrote them down. It was written by you. I followed a link to here, and I find it serendipity that this was for the beginning of last year. Almost to the date one year ago you began this series, so I am starting the study now. I am praying for some clarity on what my purpose is. Thank you so much.


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