Saturday, March 9, 2019

Sneak Peek into Bonus Material!

Next week, subscribers to my blog will receive the second installment of exclusive material relating to my newest series, "How to Live Your Life Purpose." In the series, I divide living your life purpose into six steps. The exclusive material relates to my own journey of living my life purpose for each of those steps. As a courtesy, I wanted to share what subscribers received as the first installment; it relates to longing. Next week's installment will pick up there and relate to surrender. Be sure that you have subscribed here to follow along!

The Day I First Thought Minister

I discovered the orienting principle of life purpose one day by a lakeshore. As I reflect on it now, it was a moment reminiscent of Jesus’ call to his early disciples by the seaside. Matthew 4:19-20 describes how they put down their nets at the sound of his voice. Centuries later, his voice calls on. I heard it call to me one spring afternoon.

I sat in prayerful tears by the quiet shores of Lake Michigan. I was experiencing longing and petitioning God like Hannah. I was in your typical college uniform — worn jeans and a loose T-shirt, and I was leaning against my pre-med backpack that was always too heavy. As the waves repeatedly crashed on the nearby shore and the winds softly stroked my cheek, it was as if I had climbed into the lap of the Father. My frustration was not your typical overworked, worn-out pre-med one. I was presenting my Father with a hole in my heart — I could sense that something was missing — but I knew that only he and I could understand it. That’s when my soul heard the word, “ministry.” It was not what I expected.

A divine word. The entire world came into being through them. Jesus was the living, breathing existence of them. And now the Creator had spoken one to my very spirit. Words of God bring direction, purpose. They turned a formless void into miraculous earthly life. They allowed us to see with clarity the incredible heart of God through the God-man Jesus. And now, one word had granted me a vision for my life. I only had a glimpse, I only had the notion, but this new seed sunk deep within and resonated with the soil of my past. I had wanted to heal as a faith-filled doctor, but God opened me to the possibility of healing souls instead of bodies. While my pre-med work was draining, the very idea of ministry inspired me.

I realized the One who knew me and shaped me had been guiding me all along. In that one word, I experienced God’s love and pleasure. In that one word, I felt overwhelming elation and awe as he revealed his purpose for me, a creation forged and covered with his fingerprints. Isaiah professes, “Yet, O LORD, you are our Father; we are the clay, you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand” (64:8). I was sticky with clay, opening my eyes as if for the first time. 

I left that lakeshore rock with my answer just as Hannah had left the temple. But little did I know this divine answer was just the beginning of my journey.

Questions to think about this week: Can you pinpoint a time that you have experienced answered prayer? Did the answer surprise you? In what ways, overt or subtle, have you felt God lead your heart in terms of your chosen life direction?

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