Monday, June 3, 2019

How to Live Your Life Purpose: Risk, Part One

Have you ever wondered whether you are living up to your full potential, particularly as you straddle the doldrums of parenthood? If so, I invite you to join me in this series entitled, "How to Live Your Life Purpose." This week we begin step four on risk. For material on the first three steps, be sure to read previous posts on my website. Also, subscribers will get exclusive material from this series emailed to them next week, so be sure that you have subscribed here. 

When I was younger, I loved to climb a tree at a neighbor’s house. You had to be a certain height to throw your arms around its lowest branch and hoist yourself up. I remember the day I was first able to do it and the fun that ensued. At first, I mounted up the tree slowly and carefully. But the tomboyish spirit of my youth quickly won out as I swung from branch to branch. I felt tall, strong, invincible. Luckily, the worst repercussion I ever experienced while climbing was a random splinter or scraped knee. 

There’s a balance of exhilaration and danger that a tree offers a young child, and I find the same to be true as I strive to fulfill my life purpose as an adult today. Daily, I need to have a comfort level with risk and sometimes, an appetite for adventure. From trying something new in ministry to writing vulnerable words on a page, when I get it right, the thrill feels like it did the first day on those high branches—it’s exhilarating! At the same time, some things don't work and some outcomes are disappointing. Pushing through those bumps and bruises is a part of the process.

American author and professor John Shedd once wrote, “A ship in harbor is safe—but that is not what ships are built for.” I’m convinced that a well-lived Christian life will involve risk; otherwise, faith would not be necessary. It’s no mistake that “do not be afraid” is the Bible’s most repeated statement. In fact, Jesus says it and its derivatives three times more than anything else. He knew we’ll never know the fun—nor view—that awaits us if we don’t have the willingness to grab that first branch.

Grabbing a branch or being willing to risk is the next step on our journey toward living our life purpose. Up until this point, we have explored longing, surrender, and an inventory of our strengths to discern it. Now it’s time to use our strengths and implement what we’ve found; no doubt, this will involve risk. What’s key to our understanding is that this risk is not random—it’s calculated. It’s the very risk God is calling us to take. Being willing to follow God’s lead will bolster our faith and open new adventure. {Tweet that.}

A life of faith is supposed to be a life of adventure. God's call to action will require our dependence on him. It’s a spectacular dance of his call and our response that increases our intimacy. As we stretch for his hand of support in our obedience, we learn more about God’s trustworthiness and character. We experience the thrill of challenge side by side, together. We become more fully who we were meant to be. {Tweet that.}

The upside of healthy risk is considerable. Imagine the risk the merchant undertook to grasp the pearl; he sold everything he had, and his profession was dealing goods! While that must have been scary, he gained far more in return. We can too. In this step, I’ll explore risk using a contemporary example and scripture, continue our discussion of theology, and offer another life story. The latter will be for subscribers, so be sure you've signed up here!

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