Monday, December 20, 2021

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers!

Every year, I eagerly anticipate a Christmas bundle of books from the Christian publisher Zonderkidz. Like the Christ star, these books help us find Jesus. In exchange for my honest review, I pass along the treasures I find through their pages.

I wanted a devotional to share with my preteen boys at the breakfast table. Rule: Devotions have to be fast and snappy to avoid eye rolls. Surprise! New York Times bestselling author Lee Strobel's The Case for Christ: Devotions for Kids looks promising. 

If you have a preteen daughter who likes to journal, I recommend Margaret Feinberg's God's Power in Me: 52 Declarations and Devotions for Kids. Each devotion is tied to a strength-building truth while engaging the reader's creativity in each lesson.

My two-year-old enjoys Caroline B. Cooney's I'm Going to Give You a Polar Bear Hug! Every animal in the books hugs a different way, which is fun to imagine and mimic. This fun-loving book is now available in a board book version and heading straight to my newborn nephew!

I'll keep The Berenstain Bears' Values and Virtues Treasury for our shelves. It's eight books in one and will be fun to flip through for character-building bedtime story options. Plus, it's fun to share characters from my childhood with my children. (You still got it, mama!)

Watch my Twitter feed for other shout outs, @NoelleKirchner! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 9, 2021

How to Help Your Kids with Grief After the Loss of a Pet

Child grief dog loss

The holidays are a time of love and joy, but some feel lingering sadness when precious memories resurface too. We lost our beloved cat of almost 17 years last fall. As a mom of three, parenting writer, and former chaplain, I’m writing this article to equip you with practical tips to help your family through pet loss and grief.

Looking back, I knew the day was quickly approaching when we would have to put our cat down. His health conditions were mounting. He was growing increasingly lethargic as his body was failing. None of us wanted him to suffer.

When the day arrived, I walked with my two older sons into our vet’s office. My youngest son was a toddler; because he was too little to understand, he stayed back with my husband. The vet was surprised to see my two older sons with me, however. They were grade and middle school aged at the time. As she looked at their tear-streaked faces, she asked me if I really wanted them to remain in the room. 

I told her yes, and my sons agreed. I had prepared them for this visit. We had talked through what would be happening, and I had given them the choice to be present.

The Gift of a Good Goodbye

While my sons’ decision might not be what every child would choose, here are five reasons why I encouraged them to stay:

1. There is a gift in a good goodbye. As a hospital chaplain, I’ve seen grief compound in situations of sudden loss. Standing with a loved one in the end is never easy, but it can assist in your healing and bring the one you love comfort. The opportunity to vocalize or demonstrate the importance of a loved one (pet or person) firsthand is a precious and fleeting opportunity.

2. I knew this would be a formative experience. I knew my sons would always remember the passing of their first pet. Therefore, I wanted the experience to be as helpful as possible and serve as a touchpoint. When they encountered future loss, I wanted them to remember what they learned beside me that day.

3. I wanted to empower them. Feeling pain is uncomfortable. I welcomed my sons’ tears, words, and gestures (as I expressed my own) in that moment of loss. But I also wanted to let them know that they could use their pain to help another. Our kitty would be comforted by their voices and tender hugs as his last memory. They could make a difference through their presence and bravery in that moment.

4. I wanted to model strength. Having my children stay in the room took strength, for I was mourning too. I chose to model what I hoped to see from them. I didn’t want them to see me as someone who was too fragile for their pain; rather, I wanted them to see what we could do together.

5. Confronting death is sad, but important. While acknowledging the reality of death is sad, it can also call us to action. I learned firsthand the gift of each day while working beside hospital beds. I was inspired to live wisely and fully, or to number my days, just as scripture encourages (Psalm 90:12). This is a powerful message for all of us, including children.

My goal is to raise children who are brave in the face of loss, empowered to make a difference through their life experience, and comfortable expressing hard emotion with the support of others. This isn’t an easy goal. For one, popular culture celebrates and esteems youth, not aging. Second, death and loss are challenging topics to bridge in everyday conversation.

Continue reading about loss on Crosswalk & learn practical tips you won't want to miss—they're the difference between healing well or holding onto hurt...

It's been a while since I've posted! I have been quiet, but not idle—I've been working on things for you! Stayed tuned for new shows in the new year, a new *look* for the website this spring, and more writing news. In the meantime, my devotions have been featured recently on iBelieve and Crosswalk. Check out this one on shining God's light this Christmas or this one on God's strength available to you.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Popular Parenting Advice You Should Ignore

Happy Fall! I am excited to share my recent article, which was inspired by many of my Chaos to Calm show guests. Read as I bust 6 popular parenting myths.

Popular Parenting Advice You Should Ignore

Parenting is an exhilarating, exhausting, and sacred task. Author Jodi Picoult beautifully describes the gift of a child: “Sometimes when you pick up your child, you can feel the map of your own bones beneath your hands or smell the scent of your skin in the nap of his neck. This is the most extraordinary thing about motherhood. Finding a piece of yourself separate and apart that all the same you could not live without.”

While it’s often easy to fall in love with our children, raising them is not so easy. The fear of getting it right is real, and children do not come with a manual. Thankfully, God wants to partner with us as we parent. What follows are six popular parenting myths. Learn why they’re problematic and how faith offers a different vantage point that can help your family soar.

1. I must be perfect.

True, there is a push in modern blogging to portray parenting imperfections that were formerly kept behind closed doors. Writers portray the messiness of family life, humorous moments, and parenting fails that often come with the territory. At the same time, however, social media continues to cast an unrealistic portrait. Facebook and Instagram encourage comparison as users scroll (messy stories or not), and already overburdened parents feel pressure to be Pinterest-ready.

Popular blogger, teacher, and New York Times bestselling author Rachel Macy Stafford is quick to admit her struggles to her children. Instead of finding strength in the illusion of perfection, she lets her children into her inner life in an age-appropriate fashion. By sharing her struggles and strategies to surmount them, she hopes to encourage understanding and competence in her daughters as they face challenges of their own.

One step that we can take as parents is to be willing to apologize to our children. Perfection is not reality—though we do try our best. Our children often see us as perfect, however, especially when they’re little. Their eyes are constantly monitoring and learning from our behavior. Imagine the freedom found when we cast off the air of perfection, personally drink in God’s mercy, and model life-giving grace and growth in our home.

2. Keep children busy—it keeps them out of trouble.

It’s easy to live in a culture of rush. The tendency to schedule more and more for our children often comes from a good place. We want them to enjoy and advance in their talents. Further, we fear boredom might lead to trouble. The problem is when good things inadvertently choke out time for better things. Better things are family dinner time, parent-child conversation, and regular downtime. Each serve as a powerful grounding force for children, and unfortunately all were on a statistical decline pre-COVID.

Our need to honor and protect a rhythm of activity and rest in our families stems from God’s example in scripture. In the first creation story, God models good work and then the importance of stepping back to enjoy it. Further, the concept of Sabbath rest is later a biblical command found in the Ten Commandments.

Just as God models Sabbath, we need to model it in our families. God calls us to live in a rhythm of not being stretched too thin so that our children learn how to recharge and we all have a reserve for life’s challenges. As a mother of three children who range in age from two to twelve, I can attest to the fact that balance isn’t always easy and I don’t always get it right. Regardless, God’s command couldn’t be more applicable today.

Read on as I debunk myths 3–6:

Read the Full Article Here

Interested in learning more? You can watch former Chaos to Calm episodes on-demand. Don't forget to share them with friends!

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

5 Ways to Be Good Stewards of the Earth

I hope you have had a restful summer. I have been enjoying time with my children, who start school early next month. Summer is always a slower time on the blog for that reason. This summer, we were blessed to take two long-awaited family trips. My newest article tells the tale of our first one. We traveled to Wyoming, which I can only describe as God's country. I wrote about my experience and how God spoke to me through the beautiful creation there:

5 Ways to Be Good Stewards of the Earth

When my oldest son was in the third grade, one of his school projects was to adopt a US state and learn about it. My husband and I promised to take him to the state that he chose. He picked Wyoming. Though our family trip was delayed partially due to COVID, it brought several surprises. First, it turned out to be our youngest son’s first flight; I had not even been pregnant with him when my oldest son chose the state. Second, while we expected to encounter beauty, my family of five was startled by Wyoming’s majesty. My two-year-old kept looking out the window saying, “Wow.” Third, the trip inspired us to consider our commitment to the Earth. Experiences that bring us to our knees change us. In the wake of that holy awe, here are five ways that we can be better stewards.

#1 Make time to retreat.

My oldest son will tell you from his report that Wyoming is the least populated state in the union. I live in a suburb of New York City and can witness to the energy and excitement of being surrounded by others. But there is also something medicinal about being in an expanse of beautiful land where the animals outnumber the people. You can breathe freely when it is just you and the open sky; it is almost as if the mountains cradling you are lifting their praise. Getting away and getting quiet is a discipline that Jesus himself practiced (Mark 1:35). Doing it in nature is that much more inspiring. Scripture reminds us about the genesis of strength: “In quietness and trust is your strength” (Isaiah 30:15).

#2 Discover nature as a biblical teacher.

As a female pastor, I have enjoyed mining the diverse scriptural names for God. The Bible gives us so many that stretch beyond gender and serve as powerful teaching tools. Many of these names come from the natural world for ease in understanding. The Psalmist describes God as a mighty Rock (Psalm 18:2), the Samaritan woman discovers that Jesus is the Living Water (John 4:10), and my favorite metaphor for Christ is the Vine (John 15:5). I learn about what it means to stay connected and grow in Christ by taking time to observe actual growth around me. I marvel at the splendid work of our Creator. Whether I witness the climbing of a vine, the flit of a butterfly, the bright red burst of a cardinal wing, or the glorious hush of a waterfall, God’s spirit is there to teach me, delight me, and remind me of his glory. The agrarian society of biblical times might have been more in touch with natural metaphors by necessity, but the lifeline they provide is only an observation away today. “Be still and know that I am God,” the Lord tells us (Psalm 46:10).

For more ways that we can become better stewards, visit and continue reading HERE

For pictures from our trip, visit me on Instagram (@noellekirchner). Stay tuned for more happenings here this fall! 

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

8 Key Things to Tell Teens Who Are Going into High School

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Macy Stafford, Hands Free Mama

Based upon my recent parenting episode with the Hands Free Mama and guest podcast appearance, I wanted to pass along my newest Crosswalk article. I am grateful for the insights of my show guests, whose work has influenced these tips. Propel your children or grandchildren forward with these 8 talking points, designed to hone their purpose and usher in God's best.

Tip #1: Ask them if there is something that they feel God has called them to do. Does it unexpectedly keep coming to their mind? Encourage them to make time for introspection and honest conversations with the Author of their heart.


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Add This Podcast to Your Queue!

Creating your summer podcast must-listen list? Add my appearance on the podcast Theodora Speaks to your queue! My new friend Gayle, a former Microsoft exec, left her job to spend more time with her two young daughters during the pandemic. Her exit was also a response to a heart pull to help equip fellow women to follow their passion by using hers for speaking and writing.

I was honored to be a part of her launch by sharing my story and hard-fought wisdom from my book, How to Live Your Life Purpose: The Six-Step Journey to God's Best. I encourage you to listen, explore my book, and hop over to my Facebook and Instagram this week for some inspiring memes from the interview.

Miss my recent interview? Tune in to the latest Chaos to Calm episode with New York Times bestselling author Rachel Macy Stafford. Her message is so beautiful and powerful—it made me teary on air! Watch the full interview here.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

New On-Demand Episode: Rachel Macy Stafford

Are you ready to turn the chapter on COVID too? I could think of no better person to help us do that than my friend Rachel Macy Stafford, the Hands Free Mama. Rachel is a cultivator of soul space who has touched millions of lives. A trained special education teacher, she is also an acclaimed New York Times bestselling author. Her newest book is Live Love Now: Relieve the Pressure and Find Real Connection with Our Kids. Drawing insights from her book, Rachel will help us keep the good and leave the bad from COVID as she offers timely advice that will impact your family for years to come!

Watch On-Demand Here

Do you like my 15th episode with my 5th New York Times bestselling author? If so, check out my other episodes too!

Thursday, April 29, 2021

How You Can Build a Dream Marriage

It's wonderful to post again! I have been busy with projects, including my newest interview for Chaos to Calm with Rachel Macy Stafford. Rachel is the fifth New York Times bestselling author on my show, with another important and timely message for us. Her passion is creating soul-space, making her the perfect author to usher us out of COVID. She will help us keep the good, leave the bad, and strengthen our families. Stay tuned! Until then, check out my newest article below.

How You Can Build a Dream Marriage

Building a healthy marriage can be a great source of support and comfort. 

Interestingly, many found this to be the case during COVID. At a time when the experts expected the divorce rate to spike due to lockdown stress, it did not. Instead, the divorce rate continued its decline to hit a 50-year low. Meanwhile, according to the American Family Survey, 58% of Americans claimed that they appreciated their spouse more and half claimed that COVID brought them closer together.

Still, the decline in the divorce rate does not necessarily mean that all marriages are happier or healthier. Divorce can be costly, and the looming health and economic uncertainty brought about by COVID surely impacted decision-making. Further, custody issues grew more complex with daycare and schools closed.


With COVID complicating divorce proceedings, it’s also caused a decline in the marital rate due to the curb in mass gatherings. This has contributed to an already declining marital rate in America. Experts worry about the larger impact this may cause in years to come, as marriage is often a stabilizing social force.


As we reflect upon these statistics concerning marriage and COVID, natural questions arise. How can one grow a marriage that’s a source of blessing during a difficult time? What are the qualities of a healthy marriage? Also, for those who are considering tying the knot, what are the indicators to look for to usher in the greatest chance of success?

Click here to continue reading my new article for Crosswalk, which includes 3 compatibility indicators and 7 helpful pointers for creating a dream marriage.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Easter Prayer and More!

Almighty God,
The reminder that you are Almighty is hope-filled this Easter.
So much has passed that’s beyond our control due to the pandemic.
Yet we as believers can rest in the firm and certain knowledge that you will work all things for our good.
Scripture promises us that you are the good Potter.

We ask you to take the broken pieces of our lives and form something good,
Something to startle and amaze us—
Like you startled the women at the tomb!
The women came to the tomb,
A place of decay and death, ready to meet you.
They went away instead with good news!

You had conquered the grave,
And you graft us into that moment, that promise, as your people today.
Transform us today through your power.
Forgive our sin,
Redeem the dead places in our lives,
And plant new seeds of life and hope.

May we live as an expectant people,
Bolstered by your grace.
Lord, where we are afraid, bring peace.
Where there is anger and division, bring humility and unity.
Where there is lack, bring your abundance.

We confess as your people:
Your spirit is alive and active—
Give us the eyes to see it and the willingness to be used by it!
Christ, when you were on Earth, you said,
“Blessed are those who believe, yet have not seen.”

While we are not face to face with you like the disciples of old
We affirm that you are working, even now, to redeem your creation.
We affirm as your people:
“Christ is risen! He is risen indeed.”
Could it be that we are uniquely poised to see you move in big ways
At such a time as this?

Release your Spirit and let it blow through our needy land.
Bind us together as one people in your service,
Use us as agents of your grace, and
Move mightily through your church.
For the world is hungry for what only You can provide.

Only You offer enduring peace.
Only You offer victorious hope.
Only You offer unconditional love.
And scripture promises that those you seek you will find you,
When they seek you with all their heart.
Hold our tender heart in Your strong hand.

Let us experience your Easter promise,
Face to face with your grace.
May your victory be our victory,
As we await the promise of all your glory,
Face to face in heaven. Amen.

This prayer was part of an Easter article I wrote for Crosswalk. To read 10 Easter Bible verses, the meaning behind the holiday, and an Easter challenge, click here. Stay tuned on my social media channels this week for cute Easter book pics I'm highlighting!

Empty tomb photo by Pisit Heng on Unsplash.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Make Easter Come Alive: Guest Post on a New Kidlit Treasure

I took a hiatus from the blog for my boys' spring break. We went to Philly for a hockey tournament...check out my Instagram for my son's clutch save as a goalie in a game! I was the mom screaming on the sidelines, though thankfully you can't hear me. ;-)

It's a delight to welcome my good friend Laura Sassi back onto the blog. Laura and I have worked together on numerous occasions—if you haven't seen her appearance on my show, tune in! Here is the scoop on her new book, a playful tale that brings the Parable of the Lost Sheep to life in an endearing way...right in time for Easter! (P.S. Stay tuned on my Instagram for a sweet pic of my little one, who MIGHT be dressing up at the book's main character soon!) Here is my interview with Laura:

What inspired you to write this story?

Little Ewe: The Story of One Lost Sheep is inspired by a combination of my love for the biblical parable found in Luke 15 and a desire to make it engaging for my own little lambs—my children—who, when they were young, loved nothing better than a day of outdoor exploration. Like Little Ewe in the story, they even sometimes became momentarily “lost”—though not really, because I was always just around the bend, keeping a loving eye on them—just like Little Ewe’s Shepherd. And on deeper level, I was inspired to write this creative retelling as a way of sharing with others—young and old—the joy and comfort of being found by God. I hope the book serves as a delightful reminder to all who feel lost that, God, our Shepherd, is waiting eagerly to find us wherever we may be. 

What makes this metaphor particularly powerful for you given what it teaches us about God?

The image of God as our loving Shepherd is infused throughout scripture. I remember as a child memorizing Psalm 23, probably the most famous God/Shepherd passage in the whole Bible. And even as a young child this beautiful metaphor grabbed me because it was so relatable. I’d seen sheep grazing, read stories with sheep, and seen adorable little stuffed toy sheep. I knew how vulnerable they were and how much they needed their shepherd. And I pretty quickly connected the dots in understanding that’s how my parents loved me too. And, then, WOW! My young eyes opened and I understood just how deep God’s love must be—much deeper even than the love of shepherd or parent—for God’s love is perfect! I hope that sense of wonder comes through in the pages of Little Ewe.

Is there a favorite tradition you have for celebrating Easter with your family? 

My kids are older now (20 and 16), but they still like to have an Easter egg hunt in our living room before church on Easter morning. When they were little, this took place at the crack of dawn. After all, who can sleep in when the Easter Bunny has paid a visit! I know in some family traditions, this event takes place outside, but it’s too cold here for that, especially at 6 am! The silver lining of this indoor event is that sometimes, months later, a jelly bean is discovered—and do we eat those? Hmmm… what do you think? ;) Of course!

What other books have you found that successfully point children to God?

Over the years, both as a mom and Sunday school teacher, I’ve kept my eyes peeled for books for children aged 3–8 that I think do a beautiful job of pointing kids to God. Here are six great choices that you may, or may not, have heard of: 

Picturing God, written and illustrated by Ruth Goring (Beaming Books, 2019). This beautifully crafted picture book explores the many metaphors for God found in the Bible, providing a wonderful spark for faith-filled conversation. 

Nothing Can Separate You From God’s Love, written by Natalee Creech and illustrated by Joseph Cowman (Worthy Kids, 2019). This richly-illustrated, gently rhyming picture book, inspired by Romans 8:38–39, offers readers a kid-friendly start to pondering just how amazing God’s love is. 

Does God Take Naps? written by Crystal Bowman and Teri McKinley and illustrated by Ailie Busby (Tyndale Kids, 2017). The book cleverly addresses the kinds of questions littlest ones might have about God. The questions, which include things like “Does God have pets?” and “How old is God?”, are answered by referencing the Bible and can provide a springboard for even more questions. 

God’s Protection Covers Me, written by Amy Houts and illustrated by David Creighton-Pester (Beaming Books, 2019). It explores the concept of God’s protection over us using similes with concrete examples. I’ve used it in Sunday school several times and even have a lesson plan for it on my blog.

I AM: 40 Reasons to Trust God, written by Diane Stortz and illustrated by Diane Le Feyer (Thomas Nelson, 2016). This storybook/devotional is great for K–3rd graders. Each illustrated “chapter” includes a story from the Bible that exemplifies one of God’s names plus thoughtful questions for discussion. 

Everything A Child Should Know about God by Kenneth N. Taylor and illustrated by Jenny Brake (10 Publishing, 2014). It is a wonderful primer on who God is and what faith in him is all about. Each spread features a kid-friendly illustration, a simple biblical truth, and a question to ponder together with your child. 

I know you'll want Laura's book, Little Ewe, which is ideal for little ones up to age 5 too...Here is a FREE activity kit to accompany it! I predict my little one's favorite will be the coloring pages! 

Here's more on Laura: 

Laura Sassi has a passion for telling stories in prose and rhyme. She is the author of five picture books including the best-selling Goodnight, Ark, which was a 2015 Christian Book Award Finalist; Goodnight, MangerDiva Delores and the Opera House Mouse, which won First Honor Book for the 2019 Best in Rhyme Award; Love Is Kind, which was a 2020 Anna Dewdney Read Together Award Honor Book; and Little Ewe: The Story of One Lost Sheep. Her next book, Bunny Finds Easter, will release in 2022. In addition to books, she’s published over one hundred poems, stories, crafts, and articles in various children’s publications. A graduate of Princeton University and UCLA, Sassi had a successful teaching career before becoming a children’s author. She’s been a homeschool mom, children’s ministry director, historic museum interpreter, and more. She writes daily from her home in New Jersey and finds special joy in sharing her love of reading and writing with the next generation at school visits and other book events.

Friday, March 5, 2021

From Sickness to Comfort in COVID

In my newest article, I share the story of my husband's diagnosis with COVID. The Healer met us in more ways than one. He met us through our gift. "Even as we grappled with the pandemic and our own storehouse felt empty, we gave in honor of Jesus. Doing so allowed us to open and share the gift of his grace."

Read the story HERE

This piece is my first one featured on Propel Sophia, Propel Women's publication. Have you heard of it? It's an honor to join the amazing women's voices of scriptural insight and encouragement there. I encourage you to check it out!

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Why Character Is Important and Three Sure-Fire Ways to Grow It

Why Character Is Important and 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Grow It

It’s easy to overlook the cauldron of character in an effort thrust ahead. 

One definition describes character as “moral excellence and firmness, earned through one's actions.” Many consider being a person of character to be the highest compliment from others. Operating as a person of character improves the lives of those around you. Further, a person’s ability to practice self-control or discipline has been correlated to future success. 

For three tips on instilling character, along with one professor's life-or-death example as to why it's so necessary, check out my newest article for Crosswalk.

For 3 tips on instilling character and more, CLICK HERE

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

A Beautiful Ash Wednesday Prayer with Reflection Prompts

Sending you ash-filled blessings! Please begin the season of Lent intentionally with me today by reading this article that I wrote for Bible Study Tools. It includes a prayer, key scripture verses, and reflection prompts for Lent. There's some interesting historical information about Ash Wednesday in the reading too!


Did you catch my faith-filled interview with Candace Cameron Bure last week? Watch it here

Monday, February 8, 2021

Candace Cameron Bure On-Demand Interview

It was a delight to talk faith, family, and the Hallmark Channel with New York Times bestselling author, actress, and producer Candace Cameron Bure! Hear her inspiring faith testimony, the secret to how she juggles it all, and which Hallmark movies are her favorites and why! We also talk in depth about her newest children's book, Candace's Playful Puppy—you won't want to miss her description of her own dog and the adorable pictures she shares!

Watch HERE

Thank you for your viewership and support of my show. It is my greatest honor when you like and share it! I hope you watch it with your family, talk about it with your friends, and feel inspired in your own faith journey. 

Stay tuned this spring for my next Chaos to Calm episode! I will be talking with New York Times bestselling author Rachel Macy Stafford of Hands Free Mama, who will provide us with soul-nurture insights as we move forward from COVID—keeping the good and leaving the bad. 

Next week, tune in here for a beautiful Ash Wednesday prayer and key Bible verses to begin Lent intentionally!

Friday, January 29, 2021

Coming Soon: Candace Cameron Bure and More!

Pinch me! I got to talk with Candace Cameron Bure this week for the next episode of HTTV's Chaos to Calm with Noelle Kirchner! We talked faith, family, and the Hallmark Channel! I can't wait for you to hear her inspiring testimony of faith. Stay tuned here for an on-demand link to watch—coming soon!

While we did talk Hallmark movies, we didn't get to talk Aurora Teagarden Mysteries before the episode ended. She was on location to start filming the next one when we spoke. She told me that the next episode involves a cold case and a wedding—hers! I wanted you to have the inside scoop!

There's more! Expect a special Ash Wednesday reflection upon my hospital chaplaincy days, an Easter article, and my first piece for the Christian women's site Propel Women, all coming soon!

Friday, January 1, 2021

New Devotion: Your Fresh Beginning

Happy New Year! A new beginning is especially meaningful this year as we welcome 2021 with open arms. I invite you to read this devotion to help ground your year in promise.

I write, "The calendar affords us a time to think about new beginnings each year in January. It’s important to have a regular pattern as a society to examine the past, inspire hope for the future, and enact necessary change. We call those changes New Year’s resolutions. As followers of Christ, however, we are blessed with the opportunity for a fresh start any time of year."

Read the devotion here

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