Tuesday, August 24, 2021

5 Ways to Be Good Stewards of the Earth

I hope you have had a restful summer. I have been enjoying time with my children, who start school early next month. Summer is always a slower time on the blog for that reason. This summer, we were blessed to take two long-awaited family trips. My newest article tells the tale of our first one. We traveled to Wyoming, which I can only describe as God's country. I wrote about my experience and how God spoke to me through the beautiful creation there:

5 Ways to Be Good Stewards of the Earth

When my oldest son was in the third grade, one of his school projects was to adopt a US state and learn about it. My husband and I promised to take him to the state that he chose. He picked Wyoming. Though our family trip was delayed partially due to COVID, it brought several surprises. First, it turned out to be our youngest son’s first flight; I had not even been pregnant with him when my oldest son chose the state. Second, while we expected to encounter beauty, my family of five was startled by Wyoming’s majesty. My two-year-old kept looking out the window saying, “Wow.” Third, the trip inspired us to consider our commitment to the Earth. Experiences that bring us to our knees change us. In the wake of that holy awe, here are five ways that we can be better stewards.

#1 Make time to retreat.

My oldest son will tell you from his report that Wyoming is the least populated state in the union. I live in a suburb of New York City and can witness to the energy and excitement of being surrounded by others. But there is also something medicinal about being in an expanse of beautiful land where the animals outnumber the people. You can breathe freely when it is just you and the open sky; it is almost as if the mountains cradling you are lifting their praise. Getting away and getting quiet is a discipline that Jesus himself practiced (Mark 1:35). Doing it in nature is that much more inspiring. Scripture reminds us about the genesis of strength: “In quietness and trust is your strength” (Isaiah 30:15).

#2 Discover nature as a biblical teacher.

As a female pastor, I have enjoyed mining the diverse scriptural names for God. The Bible gives us so many that stretch beyond gender and serve as powerful teaching tools. Many of these names come from the natural world for ease in understanding. The Psalmist describes God as a mighty Rock (Psalm 18:2), the Samaritan woman discovers that Jesus is the Living Water (John 4:10), and my favorite metaphor for Christ is the Vine (John 15:5). I learn about what it means to stay connected and grow in Christ by taking time to observe actual growth around me. I marvel at the splendid work of our Creator. Whether I witness the climbing of a vine, the flit of a butterfly, the bright red burst of a cardinal wing, or the glorious hush of a waterfall, God’s spirit is there to teach me, delight me, and remind me of his glory. The agrarian society of biblical times might have been more in touch with natural metaphors by necessity, but the lifeline they provide is only an observation away today. “Be still and know that I am God,” the Lord tells us (Psalm 46:10).

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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

8 Key Things to Tell Teens Who Are Going into High School

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Macy Stafford, Hands Free Mama

Based upon my recent parenting episode with the Hands Free Mama and guest podcast appearance, I wanted to pass along my newest Crosswalk article. I am grateful for the insights of my show guests, whose work has influenced these tips. Propel your children or grandchildren forward with these 8 talking points, designed to hone their purpose and usher in God's best.

Tip #1: Ask them if there is something that they feel God has called them to do. Does it unexpectedly keep coming to their mind? Encourage them to make time for introspection and honest conversations with the Author of their heart.


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Add This Podcast to Your Queue!

Creating your summer podcast must-listen list? Add my appearance on the podcast Theodora Speaks to your queue! My new friend Gayle, a former Microsoft exec, left her job to spend more time with her two young daughters during the pandemic. Her exit was also a response to a heart pull to help equip fellow women to follow their passion by using hers for speaking and writing.

I was honored to be a part of her launch by sharing my story and hard-fought wisdom from my book, How to Live Your Life Purpose: The Six-Step Journey to God's Best. I encourage you to listen, explore my book, and hop over to my Facebook and Instagram this week for some inspiring memes from the interview.

Miss my recent interview? Tune in to the latest Chaos to Calm episode with New York Times bestselling author Rachel Macy Stafford. Her message is so beautiful and powerful—it made me teary on air! Watch the full interview here.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

New On-Demand Episode: Rachel Macy Stafford

Are you ready to turn the chapter on COVID too? I could think of no better person to help us do that than my friend Rachel Macy Stafford, the Hands Free Mama. Rachel is a cultivator of soul space who has touched millions of lives. A trained special education teacher, she is also an acclaimed New York Times bestselling author. Her newest book is Live Love Now: Relieve the Pressure and Find Real Connection with Our Kids. Drawing insights from her book, Rachel will help us keep the good and leave the bad from COVID as she offers timely advice that will impact your family for years to come!

Watch On-Demand Here

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

How You Can Build a Dream Marriage

It's wonderful to post again! I have been busy with projects, including my newest interview for Chaos to Calm with Rachel Macy Stafford. Rachel is the fifth New York Times bestselling author on my show, with another important and timely message for us. Her passion is creating soul-space, making her the perfect author to usher us out of COVID. She will help us keep the good, leave the bad, and strengthen our families. Stay tuned! Until then, check out my newest article below.

How You Can Build a Dream Marriage

Building a healthy marriage can be a great source of support and comfort. 

Interestingly, many found this to be the case during COVID. At a time when the experts expected the divorce rate to spike due to lockdown stress, it did not. Instead, the divorce rate continued its decline to hit a 50-year low. Meanwhile, according to the American Family Survey, 58% of Americans claimed that they appreciated their spouse more and half claimed that COVID brought them closer together.

Still, the decline in the divorce rate does not necessarily mean that all marriages are happier or healthier. Divorce can be costly, and the looming health and economic uncertainty brought about by COVID surely impacted decision-making. Further, custody issues grew more complex with daycare and schools closed.


With COVID complicating divorce proceedings, it’s also caused a decline in the marital rate due to the curb in mass gatherings. This has contributed to an already declining marital rate in America. Experts worry about the larger impact this may cause in years to come, as marriage is often a stabilizing social force.


As we reflect upon these statistics concerning marriage and COVID, natural questions arise. How can one grow a marriage that’s a source of blessing during a difficult time? What are the qualities of a healthy marriage? Also, for those who are considering tying the knot, what are the indicators to look for to usher in the greatest chance of success?

Click here to continue reading my new article for Crosswalk, which includes 3 compatibility indicators and 7 helpful pointers for creating a dream marriage.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Easter Prayer and More!

Almighty God,
The reminder that you are Almighty is hope-filled this Easter.
So much has passed that’s beyond our control due to the pandemic.
Yet we as believers can rest in the firm and certain knowledge that you will work all things for our good.
Scripture promises us that you are the good Potter.

We ask you to take the broken pieces of our lives and form something good,
Something to startle and amaze us—
Like you startled the women at the tomb!
The women came to the tomb,
A place of decay and death, ready to meet you.
They went away instead with good news!

You had conquered the grave,
And you graft us into that moment, that promise, as your people today.
Transform us today through your power.
Forgive our sin,
Redeem the dead places in our lives,
And plant new seeds of life and hope.

May we live as an expectant people,
Bolstered by your grace.
Lord, where we are afraid, bring peace.
Where there is anger and division, bring humility and unity.
Where there is lack, bring your abundance.

We confess as your people:
Your spirit is alive and active—
Give us the eyes to see it and the willingness to be used by it!
Christ, when you were on Earth, you said,
“Blessed are those who believe, yet have not seen.”

While we are not face to face with you like the disciples of old
We affirm that you are working, even now, to redeem your creation.
We affirm as your people:
“Christ is risen! He is risen indeed.”
Could it be that we are uniquely poised to see you move in big ways
At such a time as this?

Release your Spirit and let it blow through our needy land.
Bind us together as one people in your service,
Use us as agents of your grace, and
Move mightily through your church.
For the world is hungry for what only You can provide.

Only You offer enduring peace.
Only You offer victorious hope.
Only You offer unconditional love.
And scripture promises that those you seek you will find you,
When they seek you with all their heart.
Hold our tender heart in Your strong hand.

Let us experience your Easter promise,
Face to face with your grace.
May your victory be our victory,
As we await the promise of all your glory,
Face to face in heaven. Amen.

This prayer was part of an Easter article I wrote for Crosswalk. To read 10 Easter Bible verses, the meaning behind the holiday, and an Easter challenge, click here. Stay tuned on my social media channels this week for cute Easter book pics I'm highlighting!

Empty tomb photo by Pisit Heng on Unsplash.

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