Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Why Character Is Important and Three Sure-Fire Ways to Grow It

Why Character Is Important and 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Grow It

It’s easy to overlook the cauldron of character in an effort thrust ahead. 

One definition describes character as “moral excellence and firmness, earned through one's actions.” Many consider being a person of character to be the highest compliment from others. Operating as a person of character improves the lives of those around you. Further, a person’s ability to practice self-control or discipline has been correlated to future success. 

For three tips on instilling character, along with one professor's life-or-death example as to why it's so necessary, check out my newest article for Crosswalk.

For 3 tips on instilling character and more, CLICK HERE

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

A Beautiful Ash Wednesday Prayer with Reflection Prompts

Sending you ash-filled blessings! Please begin the season of Lent intentionally with me today by reading this article that I wrote for Bible Study Tools. It includes a prayer, key scripture verses, and reflection prompts for Lent. There's some interesting historical information about Ash Wednesday in the reading too!


Did you catch my faith-filled interview with Candace Cameron Bure last week? Watch it here

Monday, February 8, 2021

Candace Cameron Bure On-Demand Interview

It was a delight to talk faith, family, and the Hallmark Channel with New York Times bestselling author, actress, and producer Candace Cameron Bure! Hear her inspiring faith testimony, the secret to how she juggles it all, and which Hallmark movies are her favorites and why! We also talk in depth about her newest children's book, Candace's Playful Puppy—you won't want to miss her description of her own dog and the adorable pictures she shares!

Watch HERE

Thank you for your viewership and support of my show. It is my greatest honor when you like and share it! I hope you watch it with your family, talk about it with your friends, and feel inspired in your own faith journey. 

Stay tuned this spring for my next Chaos to Calm episode! I will be talking with New York Times bestselling author Rachel Macy Stafford of Hands Free Mama, who will provide us with soul-nurture insights as we move forward from COVID—keeping the good and leaving the bad. 

Next week, tune in here for a beautiful Ash Wednesday prayer and key Bible verses to begin Lent intentionally!

Friday, January 29, 2021

Coming Soon: Candace Cameron Bure and More!

Pinch me! I got to talk with Candace Cameron Bure this week for the next episode of HTTV's Chaos to Calm with Noelle Kirchner! We talked faith, family, and the Hallmark Channel! I can't wait for you to hear her inspiring testimony of faith. Stay tuned here for an on-demand link to watch—coming soon!

While we did talk Hallmark movies, we didn't get to talk Aurora Teagarden Mysteries before the episode ended. She was on location to start filming the next one when we spoke. She told me that the next episode involves a cold case and a wedding—hers! I wanted you to have the inside scoop!

There's more! Expect a special Ash Wednesday reflection upon my hospital chaplaincy days, an Easter article, and my first piece for the Christian women's site Propel Women, all coming soon!

Friday, January 1, 2021

New Devotion: Your Fresh Beginning

Happy New Year! A new beginning is especially meaningful this year as we welcome 2021 with open arms. I invite you to read this devotion to help ground your year in promise.

I write, "The calendar affords us a time to think about new beginnings each year in January. It’s important to have a regular pattern as a society to examine the past, inspire hope for the future, and enact necessary change. We call those changes New Year’s resolutions. As followers of Christ, however, we are blessed with the opportunity for a fresh start any time of year."

Read the devotion here

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

New Devotion: Give Your Best Gifts

This Christmas devotion for iBelieve and Crosswalk was featured over the summer, but a Christmas event sparked its year-round reflection. I hope it helps center your holiday as we anticipate Christ's birth. The best gift we can give God is ourselves. Merry Christmas!

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