My HomeTowne TV parenting series, Chaos to Calm with Noelle Kirchner, is about how we can transform typical family chaos moments into calm through faith. You can watch episodes on demand here; for televised sermons, please scroll down.

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Episode Eight - "The Collapse of Parenting!" Hear New York Times bestselling parenting author Dr. Leonard Sax describe the real challenges of modern parenting today and what to do about them.
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Episode Seven - "The Calm of ConnectionFinding meaningful connection is essential to help parents move from chaos to calm! Discover the unique resources at the church's disposal that could be just what you're looking for.
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Episode Six - "The Chaos of Unfulfillment" If you’ve been feeling frustrated or unfulfilled, then this episode is for you! Learn how to set a new, focused course for your life as you juggle parenting’s demands with a hunger to live fully. Noelle interviews both a spiritual director and time management coach for practical insights.
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Episode Five - "The Chaos of Childhood Failure!" New York Times bestselling author Jessica Lahey explains why failure doesn't have to be the chaos we expect. Find out what parents can do to set their children up for future success.
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Episode Four - "The Calm of Building Faith Foundations" Hear popular children's book author and educator Laura Sassi share her inspiring personal story, the insights behind her books, and tested faith-starters for children.  Plus, discover over ten featured faith-building resources for young children and teens courtesy of Zonderkidz!
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Episode Three - "The Chaos of Holiday Hecticness!" Reclaim holiday meaning and magic by discovering simple ways to enrich family celebrations. 
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Episode Two - "The Chaos of School Social Problems!" Hear an expert bring calm to the chaos of childhood bullying, anxiety, and grief. Plus, discover resources that can help your child.
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Episode One - "The Chaos of Family Scheduling!" We don’t have to live with full schedules and thin souls. Reclaim your schedule and find family calm!
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Watch SERMONS on demand:

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The Collapse of Parenting!

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Unseen Sacrifices and Hidden Growth

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