Smartphone Invasion!

Moms, A friend of mine forwarded this to me in the spirit of this week's devotion, "Resolved To Be Resolute."  So scary but the scenes ring true, right?  We're not idiots, Einstein, but we do recognize the folly of it all.  I can't help but fast forward to the day my kids get cell phones and how I am going to navigate this.  The challenge will be how to not only limit their usage, but monitor what is going on when they're being used.  Thoughts?  Thank you for sharing the forward, Amy S. in New Castle, IN.

Note:  If you would like to read my devotion mentioned above, click here:

The day that Albert Einstein feared has finally arrived!

Having coffee with friends.

A day at the beach.

Cheering on your team.

Having dinner out with your friends.

Out on an intimate date.

Having a conversation with your BFF

A visit to the museum

Enjoying the sights

That day has arrived …


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