Holy Weekend Prayer

Moms, I received this prayer yesterday over email.  It is a Good Friday prayer that was written by one of my subscribers.  She is a mother of five children, and her faith is palpable.  She has shown my family many graces.  As Jesus is still in the tomb, I invite you to reflect on this before tomorrow's Easter celebrations:

Oh Father, the hour is upon us. We remember the agony of Jesus, His utter agony. He cried out to You, "My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?" And You did forsake Him. You abandoned Him on the cross. He suffered. He bore the punishment for sin on His body, and in His heart, and upon His mind, and with all the strength of his human form. And like the perfect lamb chosen for the sacrifice, His blood poured out, but it was enough! You decreed that it would be enough! Jesus' blood satisfies the penalty for sin, for our sin, for my sin.

Jesus, how can we ever thank You for Your obedience that day? You gave up Your glory as Son of the Most High God and submitted to horrors. Your body gave up every ounce of blood until only water poured out. You died. You were laid in a tomb. And everyone thought You were cut off from God, and You were...until the hour when The Father's wrath was satisfied, completely and utterly satisfied. "It is finished!"

By the power of The Holy Spirit, The Father raised YOU from the grave! YOU are the firstborn in the new kingdom. YOU have been resurrected to NEW LIFE, ETERNAL LIFE, GLORIOUS LIFE, and YOU must reign until every enemy is under Your feet, and the last enemy to be defeated .....is death.

Until then, we can trust YOU because YOU know the way through death's domain. We want to go with You, each day of our earthly lives, through death's domain, and for all the ages of eternity. We never want to tire of praising YOU for Your excellencies, of exploring the treasures of wisdom and knowledge that are hidden in YOU, of embracing YOU in friendship and gratitude, of reigning with YOU in the Kingdom where the Father's will is done!

We look to YOU on this day and humbly say, Thank YOU for saving us. Thank YOU for paying the ransom for our lives with blood! Thank YOU for leading us out of the prison of sin. Thank YOU for giving us a true HOPE. Thank YOU JESUS!
By Theresa H.


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