Risky Business

"The Sovereign Lord is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights" (Habakkuk 3:19, NIV).

I have been thinking a lot lately about the future and risk.  Perhaps you are awaiting an immanent move, a position like several of my friends.  Perhaps you or your husband are weighing a job opportunity that will mean changes for your family.  Perhaps you are navigating the health care decisions of a family member, unsure of what the future will bring.  Layered upon this adventure of child-rearing can come some pretty significant curve balls that can leave you grappling for courage or wisdom - or both.

We have all heard the exhortation that we shouldn't worry about the future; the present is a gift to enjoy, and the future will take care of itself through faith.  There can be a mind and spirit breakdown when living this truth.  Perhaps your spirit is comforted but your mind keeps racing.  You can't turn off its worry feed.  Or maybe your mind is convicted, for you remember how God has been faithful before, but your spirit is unsettled.  You don't feel relief and are grieving or restless.  Our mind and heart "know" things in different ways, and curve balls often demand the enlistment of both and all of the strength that we can muster.

It is then that we need the promise of hope from a God who never leaves us.  No matter what we are facing, we believe in a God who can bring hope to even impossible situations.  I invite you to read the following.  It comes from a devotional booklet by Sarah Young entitled 40 Days with Jesus: Celebrating His Presence.  She writes as if Jesus is talking to you:

Hope is a golden cord connecting you to heaven.  This cord helps you hold your head up high, even when multiple trials are buffeting you.  I never leave your side, and I never let go of your hand.  But without the cord of hope, your head may slump and your feet may shuffle as you journey uphill with Me.  Hope lifts your perspective from your weary feet to the glorious view you can see from the high road...

Hope is the permission we need to fling our many cares to Jesus.  Hope is the equipment we need to face our mountains head on.  And hope is the reason we can live this day to the fullest in the meantime.  I love how Young talks about an uphill journey.  We might be able to stay at the base of our mountains, but the view is so much better uphill from the top. 

I came across an insightful quote the other day.  It reads, "A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for" (William Shedd).  Moms, whatever you are facing, you were not made to stay in harbor either.  You worship a God who has calmed the seas in scripture and is offering you his hand right now.  Discern his direction and allow your faith to increase as he takes you there.  God will not only take you someplace different, he will equip you to go someplace better. 

Prayer:  Lord, We impress upon you the things that are weighing on our minds and hearts.  We approach you requesting courage and wisdom, and most importantly for a reminder of your unfailing presence with us.  Direct our steps.  As we chose obedience, grant us such joy that we can look back upon this time in our lives and wholly praise your faithfulness.  In Jesus' name, Amen.

Note: Young's excerpt above is from "Day 24" in her booklet.  Also, if this post encouraged you, you might also like my devotion Warning: Peaks Ahead.


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