A Promise to Live By Forever: A Prayer for Armor, Week 6

Devotion 6 in the Summer Series "A Prayer for Armor"

We began our summer devotional series five weeks ago with A Prayer for Armor.  The prayer is based on Ephesians 6:14-18; the verse in Ephesians that we're focusing on each week appears in italics in the prayer.  Last week we explored past scars, and how they can be transformed by the Healer.  The shield of faith protects us from attack and opens up a future of possibility.  This week we're focusing on the helmet of salvation.  How does it function for Moms?  Recall this excerpt of our prayer, which I reprint in bold:

Dear God,

Take the helmet of salvation...

We know that as seriously as we take our calling as moms, this world is really about you.  We thank you in advance for your salvation in Jesus Christ.  May it claim each member of our family - make it personal.  And help us not to sweat the small stuff along the way.

The helmet of salvation is literal and figurative for us, Moms.  It is literal because it assures us of eternal life with God in heaven.  This is possible through faith.  The promise of eternal paradise with God is inviting, especially when we are overwhelmed with the trials of this world.

Yet eternity with God can also be perplexing if we're honest, for our whole worldview is conditioned by a sense of time.  It is at this juncture that it's necessary to trust - trust in our Creator who knows what's best for us, trust in our Savior whose love never fails, and trust in scripture's words that we are going to a better place.

Just as an understanding of heaven can be difficult for adults to grasp, it is for kids too.  That's why it's best to introduce the subject to children but not dwell on it for too long.  Heaven can be a place where they will see loved ones who have passed away again, and where they will see the God who loves them face to face.  That is a comfort to them, as it is to us.

The helmet of salvation is literal, but it is also figurative.  It is figurative because it provides us with salvation here and now too.  There are days when our responsibility is overwhelming - we're overrun with emotion and at our wits end.  The helmet of salvation says that our eternal relationship with God is strong and active now.  It says that the love that defeated death is accessible now.  And it says that what we are doing as Moms is noticed by God now and ever so valuable.

Most importantly, our helmet of salvation helps us keep it all in perspective.  It's the water so the seeds of Christ's commandment not to worry can grow in our soul.  Let God's promise that the big stuff has already been taken care of wash over you and provide you with a special comfort today.

To pray, you are invited back to the full prayer from week one by clicking here:  A Prayer for Armor.


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