Essential Supplies for Fall: Christian Children's Movie

This month, we are taking a break from weekly devotions and having a chance to exchange resources - just in time for a great start to the new school year!  In the August series, Essential Supplies for Fall, I am introducing a new category of Christian supplies each week.  I will share the best recommendations that I have found in that category, and I invite you to share yours too.  Devotions will begin again in September - please check out the archives to reread your favorites or check out ones that you might have missed in the meantime!

This series is a great way for us to learn from each other and share resources.  I have purchased The Jesus Storybook Bible that was recommended by several Moms the first week of our series.  I am loving it!  The stories are so beautiful; they have brought tears to my eyes.  I enjoy reading something that I am getting as much out of as my kids.  Thank you to those who wrote in or emailed me. 

The category this week is Christian Children's Movie.  Let's face it, movies can sometimes be a Mom's best friend when you have to do laundry, fix dinner, or get something accomplished around the house without little people that is!  What a great gift to be able to put on a movie that encourages positive values and teaches children about God.  With a four and two-year-old, I have found that Veggie Tale movies do that AND keep their attention - well, my older son's attention at least!  His favorites are The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and The League of Incredible Vegetables.  Both include lots of adventure and snappy musical tunes that boys love!

Does your child or children have a favorite Christian movie?  If so, please tell us what it is and their ages!  Moms out there with girls, I could especially use your comments!


  1. We also enjoy VeggieTales in our house, but as a mom of 2 girls who love anything and everything princess, I was looking for something that would hold their attention and teach them the proper perspective on beauty. We have 2 that they like: "Sweetpea Beauty" (which is a twist on Sleeping Beauty) and I just recently purchased "The Princess and the Popstar" (which teaches about being yourself). They are both very cute with a great message. There is one other one, I hope to add to the collection soon, "The Penniless Princess."


    1. Thank you so much, Stephanie, for sharing your insight as a great Mom to two girls!


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