Raising Children, Protecting Marriages

Ever feel like its been too long since your "date clothes" made an appearance?  Has your mommy identity taken over all of the others - like being a wife?  It's easy to have this happen when we're already sleep deprived and balancing a million scheduling items while pushing aside our own.  This article encourages us to reflect upon the attention we are giving our marriages.  Prioritizing our husbands is biblical, and it can make a real difference in our own fulfillment and the strength of our families.

Make no mistake, I know that parenting can be an all-encompassing, sacrificial enterprise.   We want what's best for our children from the moment that they are conceived.  But our culture seems a little off kilter in support of parenting these days.  With terms like "helicopter parenting" being the norm, when do mom and dad get a break, let alone have time for each other?

I would be remiss as a mommy blogger to solely focus on my children and child-rearing.  Yes, that's what my blog is most about, but what that ministry actually rests upon is the construct and stability of the family...

To read the rest of this article, please click here to find it on iBelieve.com.  This is my first published article, so give it some Facebook likes!  Thanks, Moms.  I pray that it inspires you and brings you blessing as we journey on!


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