Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Surprises in Breastfeeding

I began as a skeptic with low expectations.  My husband had not been breastfed and I had been largely formula fed as an infant.  I wasn’t sure if breastfeeding was in my DNA, plus I was planning to go back to work.  We attended a lactation presentation about a month before our first child was born.  My goal was to learn more about it and breastfeed during my maternity leave.  My husband supported me because - let’s face it - it meant saving a lot of money.  With several unknowns and baby expenses already piling up, it was appealing.  But it became more so for reasons that I could not have anticipated...

To read the rest of this article, please click here to find it on  I explore the marked benefits of breastfeeding, including a recent study covered by NBC News.  I also talk about breastfeeding from a theological perspective; I have never heard it discussed in that light, but it's fitting because there are many scripture verses that refer to it.  This article is perfect for an expectant mom, a mom who breastfed and wants to further reflect on it, or anyone who is interested in learning more in general!

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  1. Check out this new study from Fox News regarding further breastfeeding research!


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