Five Promises to Live By

I've been reflecting in the wake of Christmas. What I've uncovered is a message for each of us that's applicable every day. Actually, it's a message to live our whole lives by.

Christmas means a retelling of the familiar story of Christ's birth. Every year I hope to hear something different in it. This year what the angels prophesied to Mary and Joseph about Jesus struck me. Mary would soon be with child, and there were marvelous expectations surrounding him. He would be the Son of the Most High who would save the people from their sin and rule over a never-ending kingdom. I wonder what it must have been like for Christ to hear a retelling of these angelic prophesies as he matured into his destiny.

Just as words were spoken over Christ before his inception, scripture speaks words over you and me too. We are not the Savior of the world, but we are meant to live and thrive in his service. Understanding our own scriptural "prophesies" is key to fully embodying our God given potential. There are five promises God wants each of us to know today. Even though we may already be able to recite them by heart, really believing and living them can still be a challenge. So I invite you to read these words anew, words that were written about you long before your birth in our Bible...

Please click here to finish reading this article over at  Moms, let's start the year strong by living out the five promises I discuss!


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