The Power of a Child's Praise

I invite you to scroll through your memory and remember a time that a child blessed you...

It has been my experience that children regularly have the ability to serve as agents of grace.  Through the unexpected quip, the little hand in yours when you need it most, or their innocence and boundless excitement for the world when you feel weary, they have a special power.

Scripture agrees with me.  Psalm 8:2 reads, "Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger."  There is power in a child’s praise.  The Lord uses it to ward off enemies and silence evil.  Its purity is unmatched.  That’s why Jesus later quotes this verse from the Psalms in his own ministry (Matt. 21:16).  That’s why Jesus welcomes the little children and challenges us to be like them to receive heaven’s blessing.

What do you desperately need in your faith walk?  An uncontested trust in God?  A tangible reminder of his unconditional love?  Encouragement to enjoy the moment rather than feeling consumed with worry?  Have you been around young children lately, who often express these principles so effortlessly?

A child’s praise is powerful because of what children are able to model.  They can demonstrate the principles of faith in such a way that not only pleases God, but teaches us...

Please click here to read the full article over at  In the article, I share some tips on how to nurture faith in our children.  In order for children to praise, they first need to know the God who is worthy of praise.  Their faith journey is a blessing not only to them, but to parents as we experience their unique and special witness!  


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