What I'm Praying as School Starts

For the first time, I now have a child who is in full day school. Honestly, I wasn't sure if I was ready to do cheers or pull out the Kleenexes - sniff, sniff. It's the start of a new chapter, and one in which I will have less control over his day...But that's okay, because when Mommy stops, prayer begins.  This prayer is for all of you fellow mamas who are entrusting your children into the arms of others this fall.  I wrote it for my son, but you can easily adapt it for your daughters too.

Dear God,

You are such a merciful Parent.  Thank you for the way you gently guide us through our day.  You are a font of infallible instruction and unending love.

Bless my baby as he is apart from me.  Form a hedge of protection around him.  If he is ever unsure or afraid, draw ever closer to him.  Whisper your promises to his heart.

Help him to walk confidently in this new chapter of self-definition with you by his side. Guide him, gentle Shepherd, into your fold and place your call upon his heart.  Assist him in its exciting discovery.

You are amazing and will always provide more than I can ever give, for you are a constant and perfect presence.  As our family transitions in this new school year, continue to shape me and us so that we can best support him and together shine your light exactly where you've placed us.

We praise you for your faithfulness.  We look forward to celebrating life's ensuing milestones with you.  Continue to strengthen our family as we seek to be faithful and bask in your love.

In Your Son's name I pray,


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