3 Steps to Empower Our Children against Bullying

3 Steps to Empower Our Children against Bullying

We were at a playground packed with children.  The kids were engaged in a variety of activities, often congregating in pockets together.  My younger son, who is three, stayed close to his older brother, who is five.  He knew the majority of the children were his older brother's age.

I watched my boys race down the slide, then chase each other back up the stairs and along the platform to do it all over again.  They were happily making loop after loop as I watched close by, chatting with a collection of moms who were looking on as well.

At one point, I realized that it had been a couple of minutes since I had seen my littler one. His brother was going down the slide, but where was he?  I walked around a corner of the playground and saw him backed up against a landing.  An older boy was pretending to throw punches at his stomach.  Although his punches were soft and I suspect in play, my younger son was afraid.

"Is he bothering you?" I asked.

My younger son stuck out his bottom lip and nodded.  He was not in pain, but he was intimidated.

Although bullying peaks in middle school, children are never too young to learn how to handle its early signs.  If they are old enough to play with others and communicate appropriately, there are lessons we can teach them...

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