8 Simple Activities for Summer Family Fun

At first glance, summer brings the basics.  There's sunshine, a break from school schedules, and hopefully an adventure or two squeezed in there.  But when I think about what I really want from summer, I want the chance to breathe, recoup from the rush, and enjoy some quality time with my family.

We all know there's power in goal setting.  Have you set any goals for this summer?  For me, rather than getting too lofty, I'm ready to set some simple goals for simple pleasures.  These goals are courtesy of my upbringing on the Indiana prairie.  While I now live in the New York metro area, I've never forgot them, and I don't want my children to miss out on them either.

Here are 8 simple activities on my bucket list for summer family fun:

1.  A watermelon seed spitting contest in the backyard.  Have your children spit where they'd like to see watermelons grow - they'll get a kick out of that.  Seedless watermelons are not allowed!

2.  Lying on the grass in the summer sun so that you can smell the earth - hot dirt and cut grass give off an aroma that's not to be missed.

3.  Staying up late to watch (and catch) lighting bugs.  I love the giggles from the legs that tickle as they crawl on hands and up fingers.

4.  An evening trip to the ice cream store.  Whether it's Dairy Queen or your favorite custard stand, these stores are a magical place for fond memories...

I'm part of the Today Show Parenting Team!  For ideas 5-8, head over to the Today Show Parenting Blog and VOTE FOR ME! :-)

Sometimes finding enjoyment and fulfillment isn't all that complicated, especially when you're with the ones you love.  Will you join this Indiana girl this summer?


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