The One Journey I Can't Do Without

Have you ever felt "naked" traveling without your children?  I remember the first time I did it.  I was grateful do be without all of the fanfare, but I desperately missed a little hand in mine.

What does it mean to be a mom?  Sometimes the line between who we are and what we give to our children can get blurred...

If you have been missing your "pre-mom" self, if you need to relax and read a story with some humor only a mom can appreciate, or if you want some inspiration to treasure every little hand hold today, READ THIS.

That link will take you to my new article, "The One Journey I Can't Do Without."  You'll learn a bit about me too.  Thank you, Laundry Moms, for the opportunity to share with you this week!  

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  1. What a great post! It's so true that it can be difficult to realize you have a "new" identity, when you had spent so much of your life owning your previous one. Same thing happened to me when I went from "penultimate single girl" to "the one with a boyfriend" after meeting my husband at an unexpectedly young age. I'm sure it will happen again as life goes on, and if we have kids. So great to meet you last week! :)

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting, friend! I am so happy to have met you too!!!


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