Win Four Books Your Kids Will Love This Fall!

As I mentioned last week, while fall is a time to be stocking up on school supplies, we can't forget Christian ones too. I love expertly done and kid-tested materials that make teaching our children about faith fun. I also appreciate the fact that faith resources are a win-win as far as learning. If my children are going to benefit from reading with me, I'd love for the material to be as enriching as possible. Why not grow their minds and faith at the same time while we have a captive audience?

So here are my picks that I am giving away this week:

1. The Beginner's Bible Kid-Sized Devotions. This is my children's favorite devotional so far. It's short and sweet with colorful pictures. The text is simple enough that early readers can engage it, which we've enjoyed at our house. The devotions walk children through the Bible chronologically and offer a take-away each day.

2. The Adventure Bible's I Can Read Ruth and Naomi. This is a popular biblical story for children and adults alike. It's perfect for an early reader to tackle with some help; it's level two. Just as we were reading it at home, my son's Sunday school class coincidentally made Naomi and Ruth characters holding hands. It's an endearing story.

3. The Adventure Bible's I Can Read The Good Samaritan. This is another biblical classic that's again a level two read.

4. Thankful by Eileen Spinelli. While this book caught my eye with Thanksgiving approaching, it's message about being thankful for every day blessings is timeless. Thankfulness is something that I am intentionally trying to nurture because I never want my children to lose sight of the good things in their life. It's a grounding habit.

Want to win these four resources, perfect for ages 2-8? Register below and take advantage of the bonus entry options! The contest will end on Sunday night at 4 pm EST. Either scroll down on my blog homepage to find the entry form, or click here.

Note: I chose these resources and received them for free in exchange for my honest review.


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