Chaos to Calm: My New TV Series!

In less than three short weeks, my first TV show will air! I am writing and hosting a new parenting series called "Chaos to Calm with Noelle Kirchner." It will focus on how we can transform those everyday moments of family chaos into calm through faith. The first episode is about a particularly relevant topic this time of year: The CHAOS of family scheduling!

I remember when my children were little and still napped, and I would sometimes plan an afternoon playdate or enrichment activity to break up the day. Inevitably, naps would run late on those days. I found myself waking up sleepy kids who'd start crying, complaining, or even screaming. My whole body would tense up. As I found myself strapping them into the car, it didn't take me long to have an "Ah-Ha!" moment. This activity was supposed to be fun and enriching, but it's torture for everyone! WHAT AM I DOING THIS FOR?

By extension, what are we doing the crazy schedules we live today for? I'm going to examine the cost of culture's rapid-fire lifestyle on our families. I'm also going to explore how faith can empower us to make different, more enriching choices.

My first guest, Beth Briar, is a mom of two grown children who will share her own chaos story and some wisdom in retrospect. My second guest, Ike Welsh, is a Summit Middle School teacher and baseball coach. He will share his insights into the lives of our children and describe the changes those observations have encouraged him to make at home in light of his faith.

I am reminded of scripture's question, "Why do you labor for that which does not satisfy?" (Isaiah 55:2). Does that describe how you are feeling right now? Are you working yourself to exhaustion as a parent but still feeling empty? We can protect our families and ourselves from the mounting stress levels and commitments of our culture. We can move from "Chaos to Calm!"

Here's the info you need to TUNE IN! The show will air on October 25th at 9 PM EST on Hometowne Television network, reaching over 600,000 homes in NJ through the Comcast (36) and Verizon (33) stations. It will also be available on demand at: or I'll be recording a new show for each month of the school year; eight episodes will air, each with a different theme. Check my blog monthly for these themes and new episode air times. Following an episode’s first airing, additional show times will be Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:30 amMondayWednesday and Friday afternoons at 3 pm, and Sunday evenings at 7 and 9:30 pm. All times are EST.

Here's the info you need to PARTICIPATE! I am creating a new "Chaos to Calm" parenting community through the show. I am asking you to share your chaos and calm family moments by posting your pictures either via Facebook or Twitter. Be sure to use the hashtag #ChaostoCalm! Your pictures will automatically be registered for a chance to be ON AIR! 

THANK YOU for your support, and I can't wait to share in this TV journey with you! So many wonderful people are helping make this show possible. Check out a picture of the set below!


  1. Congrats. Looks like this will be a helpful series.

    1. Thank you!! I hope it is indeed - it's been fun to get going!! God bless.


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