Watch Episode Two: The Chaos of School Social Problems!

This month's episode of Chaos to Calm is on "The Chaos of School Social Problems!" Hear an expert bring CALM to the CHAOS of anxiety, grief, and bullying in school aged children. 

Is your child or a child you know struggling with:

* separation anxiety

* performance anxiety
* grief over the loss of a loved one or pet
* being bothered at school

I interview expert Aida Swon on these topics; Aida is a licensed social worker with a private practice, a school counselor for over a decade, and a former elementary school teacher. She gives us practical advice along with suggestions for further reading for both parents AND children. 

Don't miss it! You can watch the episode here: The Chaos of School Social Problems.

Also, if you haven't seen the first episode of Chaos to Calm, you can watch it here: The Chaos of Family Scheduling!

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