Family-Friendly Ways to Live MLK Day

I can honestly say that in my lifetime, I have never seen our country as divided as this past year. Racial and political tensions remain high.

For those of us who want to be the hope, I'm passing along two things. The first is an article that I wrote in the wake of MLK last year and shared with the Huff Post. I invite you to consider how it might apply to your family.

The second is a flyer of ways that families can serve on MLK Day in the NJ area. I encourage you to look for lists like this in your own community, or use it as a springboard to initiate a service activity that appeals to you.

I believe the greatest threat is not what is reported on the news, but when we lose our agency. The choices we make can indeed bring reconciliation to our world. Jesus promises hope can always come out of ashes when we believe - and take that step of faith.


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