From Frustration to Fulfillment

What does living our purpose look like? The answer runs deeper than just accomplishing our to-do's. It's a question of fulfillment in our everyday life. If we're feeling frustrated, depleted, and unfulfilled, that's a sign we need to explore this principle. In my recent sermons on life purpose, I offered the following metaphor to help us enter into this exploration:

I like to think that the invitation to find our purpose is like God offering us a hand to pull us out of rough water. Sure, we can keep treading. But the reality is that we’re not really going anywhere, and it takes an awful lot of work to stay where we are. God wants to bring us ashore. We belong on the solid ground of God’s principles. And instead of swimming, we can start running. Running has direction. We can reach somewhere new, somewhere exciting. And just like running releases endorphins, we’ll experience a new kind of fulfillment. We’ll discover the race we were meant to run – and better yet, we’ll come to better know God, who wants to condition us by doing what we love.


The upcoming episode of Chaos to Calm will focus on "The Chaos of Unfulfillment." How can we artfully use our fleeting moments for personal fulfillment? Also, how can we enrich the time we spend with our families for maximum impact? The key is to not only be present with our children and ourselves, but also with God. The God who created us has a plan for our lives that includes parenting yet also stretches beyond it; God wants to orient our entire life so that it's in tune with his purpose.

Tune in next month to discover tips to unlock what God has in store for you! The current air date is April 25th - mark your calendars! (There will not be a March episode due to the chaos of the flu and spring break!) Also, are you local? I'll be preaching the Easter message at Central Presbyterian Church's WAVE service on April 2nd at 5 pm. Hope to see you there!


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