Watch the Cure for Hectic Schedules!

Do you feel like you're operating on autopilot?
Are you struggling to simply get through your days instead of enjoy them?
Is your schedule turning you and your family into something you're not?

We don't have to allow our culture of rush to rob us from what's authentic and important in our lives. But having a conviction to fight isn't enough; we have to have a game plan. Luckily, faith can provide us with just that.

This week last year, the premiere episode of my TV series went live on the topic of hectic family schedules. Hear one ordinary mom of two raised children reflect on what's at risk, and hear one dad who is also a teacher and coach struggling through it all as he raises two young children. How can their perspectives bless your life and bring wisdom to the decisions you're making right now? WATCH HERE to find out.

You're not alone in the chaos — calm can be right around the corner. Stay tuned for more episodes this year from my series Chaos to Calm! Finally, if you loved this episode, please SHARE IT!


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