Guest Post and Giveaway: Celebrate WORLD KINDNESS DAY with LOVE IS KIND

I'm delighted to welcome back author, educator, and dear friend Laura Sassi. Laura is no stranger to my show nor website. Here are her words for us in honor of World Kindness Day today as we celebrate her newest children's book, Love is Kind:

After reading LOVE IS KIND with children, one of the takeaways I share is that every day is a gift. As children and adults, we can choose to live that gift in a spirit of love and kindness (as Little Owl chooses to do in LOVE IS KIND) or not. The kids and I ponder what our choices will be and marvel at how wonderful it feels to both receive kindness and extend it to others. We also acknowledge that love can take many shapes and forms; showing kindness is MUCH bigger than just giving someone a box of chocolates (as Little Owl wants to do in the story). Kindness, we conclude, is its own gift and much better than even the tastiest box of chocolates!

Where does this gift of kindness and love begin? It begins in our hearts — and in the hearts of our children. And it’s never too early nor late to nurture it. One easy way to do that is to let children brainstorm concrete ways that they can show kindness each day.  

In celebration of World Kindness Day today (and really every day should be kindness day), here’s a list of ways to be kind — gathered just for this post — from kids from across the country! Thank you to each one of them for their ideas, and may they jumpstart a nice conversation with your own children!

50 (Almost) Kid-Thought-Of Ways to Show Kindness 
  • If someone is feeling lonely, I can go over and sit with them.
  • If someone needs a friend, I can play with them.
  • If I want something, I can say “please.”
  • If somebody doesn’t have a friend, I can say, “Come and play with us.”
  • If somebody is sad, I can can cheer them up.
  • Tell someone you love them.
  • If someone is feeling sad, I can go over and hug them.
  • I can be kind and clean my room.
  • I can smile at my worst enemy.
  • I can donate food to someone who doesn’t have any food.
  • If someone new moves onto my block, I can welcome them.
  • I can hug family.
  • I can help my Mom carry in the grocery bags.
  • When someone is sick, I can bring food or tea.
  • I can let my little brother pick the first piece of cake.
  • I can give someone a compliment.
  • I can stand up for someone who is being picked on.
  • I can help animals. 
  • If someone hurts themselves, I can go see if they’re okay.
  • If someone falls, I can help them up.
  • If someone is bleeding, I can get them a bandaid.
  • I can help my Mom and Dad around the house and garden.
  • If someone drops their school folder, I can help them put the papers back in.
  • I can help my little brother or sister reach something up high.
  • I can help my Mom and Dad make dinner. 
  • I can play with my grandparents.
  • If someone drops their trash, I can pick it up for them.
  • I can follow my Mom’s directions.
  • I can clean up after myself.
  • I can be a good listener.
  • I can help a friend if they fall and get hurt.
  • I can play nice with my dog (and my little sister).
  • I can share toys with others. I can take turns.
  • I can be patient and wait my turn.
  • I can do my chores and follow rules.
  • I can think of the feelings of others before I speak.
  • I can try to put others first.
  • I can encourage a friend to do their best.
  • I can ask someone who looks lonely to play.
  • I can include others.
  • I can help shovel the neighbor’s sidewalk after a snowstorm.
  • I can tell someone they look nice today.
  • I can give a friend a hug.
  • I can share toys with my friends in class.
  • I can share toys with my baby brother even when I don’t want to.
  • I don’t have to race to be the first to get everything. 
  • I invited a girl from school that others don’t really like to my birthday party. When they spent time with her, they had fun with her.
  • A friend of mine is having a lot of trouble at home because her parents are not happy, so I try to invite her to my house a lot so she can relax and have fun with my family.
  • I gave some of my birthday money to a fundraiser at our school for kids who don’t have fun things for their recess.

The latter few ideas are my favorite — so cute! Want to learn more about Laura's book that inspired this list? Watch here. And to win your free copy, register here. All entrants must be US residents with a street address (no PO boxes) for shipping purposes, please. I will announce the winner this coming Monday, November 19th, on my website! That means you will have until next week to register, and watch for bonus entry options! (Please note: I will not give your information away to any third parties, but you will receive an optional invitation to subscribe to my website!) Good luck! Want more encouragement on kindness? Don't miss my devotion this week. Thank you, Laura!


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