New Article! "Passing on the Torch"

For the past several months, I have been sharing my life purpose series with you. We have completed five of the six steps—only the last step, joy, remains. Before we launch into that step this fall, I wanted to share my recent article.

The article, Passing on the Torch, is the perfect culmination to our series. It describes the wrestling and subsequent joy I've experienced living my life purpose. Some of its story will be familiar to you, and some of it will be new. 

My article includes scriptural support for female leadership and ordination in the church. If you or anyone you know has been personally struggling with this topic, I hope you will share it with them. There are many, many women who still need to feel and experience this holy affirmation.

It's a delight to be a repeat featured author for my writer's guild, Redbud. Please leave a comment after reading! And again, stay tuned in September for the culmination of our series! We also have giveaways coming soon!


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