Special Author Interview and Book Giveaway: Glenys Nellist

I'm delighted to welcome back bestselling author Glenys Nellist as a guest today. Glenys is no stranger to my blog nor publishing children's books! With a baby who is almost five months now, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be on her blog hop for her newest book, The Wonder That Is You. Read my interview with Glenys below, and you'll see why. Don't miss the book giveaway details at the bottom of this post too!

1. You wrote this special book describing the gift of a child's birth. How many children and grandchildren do you have? What has made each of these roles particularly special for you?

There is no doubt that when we welcome a child into the family, whether through birth or adoption, we are the recipient of a wonderful gift. As a mom to four adult children, I remember the joy of holding each of them for the first time, watching them take their first faltering steps, seeing them score a goal on the soccer field, watching them grow. However, as your readers well know, parenting is also very hard work! I remember those days when I had four under the age of five, wondering if I would ever survive! Now that I'm a grandparent of four little ones, I get to experience all the joy without the stress! At this stage of my life, I truly can appreciate the wonderful gift that my grandchildren are.

2. No doubt that sentiment helped you write your beautiful book. You describe the celebration of a parent's insurmountable love for a new child so perfectly. What are the top five things you love about babies and/or this special stage?

1. Their utter dependence on you.
2. Their smell.
3. Sacred moments: their first smile or their first laugh.
4. Looking into their eyes as you hold them.
5. Watching them as they sleep.

3. Amen! Can you share the inspiration behind your book?

On the night my eldest son was born, thirty-five years ago, I fell asleep in my hospital bed in England with my baby son in the crib beside me. During the night I had THE most amazing dream. I was flying upwards in the dark and landed on a rooftop, where I swung my legs like a little girl, overflowing with happiness because my baby had been born. I clearly remember seeing the moon and the stars, and it was as if they were rejoicing along with me. THE WONDER THAT IS YOU captures the idea that perhaps all creation rejoices when a new baby is born, or joins the family. The strangest thing about this story is that when my husband came three days later to take us home, I glanced back at the hospital as we were leaving. It was only then that I saw the flat roof above and recognized all the windows I had flown past that night. I realized that THIS was the building I had been sitting on that night. As crazy as it seems, I know that it was no dream. It was real.

4. What an incredible dream! As you know, we recently welcomed our third child, a little boy. Do you have any advice for new parents or tired parents trying to juggle it all?

"Juggling," Noelle, is a great image for what most moms (especially) try to do, and it's so sad that we feel guilty, or like failures, if we let one thing fall. But perhaps that's what parents need to do to protect their sanity and mental health! It's so easy as parents to compare ourselves with others who seem to have it all together. So here's my advice for what it's worth: Don't compare yourself to others; try to say no to non-essential things that take you away from your family time; do less housework; spend more time outdoors with your children; read more, laugh more, cuddle more. The bottom line is to enjoy your little ones—this is precious time that will be gone before you know it.

5. Doing less housework really resonates with me in your answer...laundry breeds itself at my house! Glenys, I have loved your repeat visits on my site. Do you have any other book releases planned? Fill us in!

Oh Noelle, it's been a busy year! Coming soon I have two board books in my Good News series, including Good News! It's Christmas! I'm also so excited about my two new picture books, coming next year with Beaming Books! Little Mole Finds Hope is the first in a new series and tells the story of a little mole who lives, literally and figuratively, in the dark. Fortunately, he has a wise mama who helps him find the light. The book contains tips for helping a child who is sad. There are so many in our world who need hope! My prayer is that this title will resonate with parents and little ones everywhere and will bring hope into their lives. The book will release in February, followed by Little Mole's Little Gift next fall.

Thank you, Glenys, for being my guest on the blog today! 

And now, for the giveaway! You can win a free copy of Glenys' book shipped to you straight from the publisher! Register by leaving a comment on my post today on Instagram. Be sure to follow me and Glenys, and if you tag a friend, you will get an extra entry! All entrants must have a US street address, no PO boxes, for shipping purposes please. I will pick a winner on Wednesday! Also, check out Glenys' former posts for my blog, like the popular 5 Love Letters Your Child Needs from YOU. You can also visit her website

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  1. Thank you so much, Noelle, for allowing me to visit your blog! I'm excited to see who wins The Wonder That is You!

  2. Great post. LOVE children's books (writing and reading them). This book sounds like a winner!


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