New Episode! "Overcoming Fear, Taking Risk at Midlife"

Chaos to Calm shot its tenth episode this month on a very important and relevant topic: Overcoming fear and talking risk at midlife! This episode will help you:

* Beat your fear of public speaking
* Present your best self on camera
* Engage your passions!

Maybe you feel empty because you are so busy with family responsibilities that you have little time for you. Dreams involving your other passions have long been drowned out and you’re not sure how to reengage them. Or maybe you have been working toward your dreams or interests for years and feel bored. What you are doing is no longer igniting something inside of you. Whether you are afraid to take a leap or unsure of what it would look like—or both—I interviewed two guests who can help!

First, it was an honor to welcome my friend and broadcasting dynamo Kerry Barrett to the set. Kerry most recently served as an anchor for NBC's TODAY in NY, but she has appeared on the Weather Channel, NBC, ABC, and Fox TV stations in markets across the country. She currently serves as the Founder and CEO of Kerry Barrett Consulting. It’s a full-service media training and public speaking boutique that’s geared to bringing out her client’s inner rock star. Kerry has some practical tips for you!

Second, I was delighted to also welcome MorphMom Founder Kathleen Smith to the set. Kathleen's passion is helping women reconnect with theirs, whether it’s through a career, hobby, or volunteerism. MorphMom hosts individual and large-scale events, a weekly radio show, and a podcast called “MorphMom Moments” that have equipped and inspired thousands. Kathleen will share a true story that will hopefully get your own wheels turning as she calls out the fears that typically trip us up!

Don't miss this episode that packs a lot of sister wisdom and inspiration as I tie back to my life purpose series too! (I even sneak in cute pictures of my baby...) I hope you watch!


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