7 Affirmations to Live By in the COVID-19 Crisis

A rainbow picture from our front window right now

I wrote this article because I needed seven "mantras" to live by to help guide me. I want to return to these, which are biblically grounded, instead of the worry and fear that can sometimes swirl in my head and on the news. I hope you find them meaningful too. They're featured as a slideshow on iBelieve, allowing for each affirmation to be its own thought.

I marvel at the fact that although this time is challenging, somehow I am also achieving a better balance in many respects. I am cooking more by necessity, spending more time on the floor with the baby, and enjoying virtual yoga. Other things require juggling, however, like keeping the house clean and finding space to write in a louder house while growing into my new role of homeschool teacher.

As we as a family mediate the stress of the new, wrestle through pandemic fear, and negotiate boundaries while under one roof, it occurs to me that my children in particular are learning valuable life skills. In addition, practicing gratitude has never been more important. It's a powerful grounding force that can help us lock onto the good that's occurring right now and equip us to weather future storms.

I mention gratitude and other topics in my affirmations article here. Stay safe, everyone!


  1. Thank you so much for this article it's very encouraging, and helps me to keep my eyes on Jesus..
    Sincerely Jeanette from Akron Ohio


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