A Prayer for a New Purpose for a New Day

flower meadow title image for prayer for new purpose new day

I'm sharing my heart in this special prayer on purpose that I wrote with my new book in mind. Will you pray with me today?

"Loving Creator,

I affirm that you created me with a purpose that began before I was born. 

You have numbered each hair on my head (Luke 12:7).

Scripture tells of how you long to cradle me under your wings like a mother hen (Matt. 23:37).

Remind me of your devoted care and reveal your intention for my life. 

Gentle Potter,

I know that you are shaping me.

Sometimes I feel your watchful hand upon me, and sometimes it feels like I am broken in pieces on the floor.

I affirm that you know how to put every piece of me together. Help me to see myself as you see me—as your masterpiece.

I offer the clay of my life into your wise hands (Isaiah 64:8)..."

Pray the entire prayer with me on iBelieve

If your link was broken in last week's subscription email, you can find my guest post here. I shared the *inside scoop* on my book with author Laura Sassi! Congratulations to Ginny N. of VA for winning a free, signed copy of my book last week, and to Sandy M. of MO for winning the week prior!


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