How Do I Know God's Direction for My Career?

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Have you ever heard of a God Dare? According to author Kate Battistelli, a God Dare is choosing to be chosen by God to change the world. Kate would know. She’s a former Broadway star and mother to the Dove and Grammy Award-winning Christian artist Francesca Battistelli. When I interviewed Kate for the sixteenth episode of my show Chaos to Calm, she described her newest book, The God Dare. Each person’s God Dare is unique, filled with its own challenge and victory when we take God at his word and trust. Kate’s advice is to “be brave and be bold.” They’re wise words for all of us who want our lives—including our careers—to be a Kingdom tool.

As a pastor, I believe our career choice fits into God’s larger life purpose for us. Our life purpose is all encompassing—it includes our relationships, family choices, career, and volunteerism—when we seek to honor God with each aspect of our lives. Every choice we make, including our God Dares, have the potential to give God glory. Giving God glory can unlock our greatest joy and fulfillment on Earth. God designed us that way. So, for those who want to impact the world and experience God’s blessing, how can we start by discerning God’s direction for our career? My Bible study on life purpose names three steps that can help: longing, surrender, and an inventory of strengths. 


We cannot ignore God’s call on our lives, at least, not happily. Longing is an ache that something is missing. It’s an indicator for necessary soul-searching. For some, longing is a subtle reminder that God is hinting at a change. It’s that “ah-ha” moment that hits you repetitively when you least expect it or a goal that keeps you awake dreaming at night. For others, longing is so pronounced that it masks as depression. You feel disconnected and disengaged in your work. You might even hate it to the point of physical symptoms. While longing isn’t pleasant, it’s a hopeful sign that God has something different and better in mind for you...

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