Back-to-School Prayer and Giveaway!

Hi Friends, It's been a while since I've posted. I have been busy potty training my toddler, getting a new family puppy, and adjusting to a teenager in the house!

If you're like me, you're still knee-deep into the back-to-school frenzy. Every year, I plan way ahead, hoping that it doesn't have to feel that way (again)...but the extra meetings, last minute requests from my children for necessary items, and non-summer schedule always requires an adjustment.

The good news is: We have God who hears our prayers, even when we present the worst version of ourselves to the people we love most. We have children, who sometimes just need a hug or a hand to hold (relish it). And we have an exciting new year of possibilities.

This year my challenge to myself and maybe to you too is...Let God surprise you. Keep your heart open and optimistic. Don't let prior pain, a tinge of bitterness, or a mom fail rob you of the good that God wants to do in your life right now. Yes, we are raising children, but we can be children too...OF HOPE. And wouldn't the world be a better place if we chose—and better yet EXPECTED—to live into that identity through our eyes of faith every day?

Your arsenal: Here are two back to school prayers. I wrote the first one when my first baby went off to school. The second is a list of qualities that I intentionally wanted to pray over my children. You can try praying your own list based upon your favorite Bible verses too. A favorite of mine is, "Lord, surround my children with your favor as with a shield" (Psalm 5:12). 

And now for the giveaway...

A friend of mine who has guest posted on my site many times before has released a new book, Little Mole Goes to School. You may remember Little Mole's book on hope. This time, Little Mole is empowering children to surmount back-to-school jitters and find friends who appreciate what's unique about them. If you have a little one in mind who would like this book, you can register to win a free copy from the publisher on my Instagram (@noellekirchner). A few rules:

1. Follow me and the author, Glenys Nellist (@GlenysNellist)

2. Leave a comment on my back-to-school post (look for the toddler in the backpack) and tag a friend!

3. Be sure you live in the US for shipping purposes (no PO Boxes).

I will pick a winner this weekend on Sunday!

Download the book's free activity pack here. Thanks, Glenys!


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