Israeli-Palestinian Crisis Prayer

It's been a while since I've posted, though you have been on my mind. Watch for changes to the blog/website to follow. For now, I wanted to ask you to pray with me. This is my small attempt to be the kind of change I want to see in the world. Prayer not only invites God's power, it unites us. In humility, we come before the One who created us all. 

Dear Lord, I pray to you feeling like we may be on the brink of a Third World war. Maybe it is already occurring; it’s just in a different form.

Just as our country feels divided, the world does too, Lord. People are hurting and driven by fear. And some are using that fear to manipulate people.


Lord, my heart breaks for the slaughtering of the Israelis. You know I could barely sleep. So many dear Jewish friends felt like this brutal attack was waged at them, even though they were miles away. There is hurt, fear, and anger. Hamas demonstrated cowardice going after innocent, unarmed people, not strength. 


As the violence rages, it’s clear that Hamas is willing to hurt even its own people in an attempt to control the narrative and recruit people to their cause. Don’t let them, Lord. 


I fear Israel’s attempt to protect itself will in fact make them less safe by inciting a new wave of terrorists as innocent Palestinians suffer. I fear this will impact the world my children will know as new fuel to the cycle of violence has been added. The pain and the devastation is fresh, and it’s hard to heal.


Lord, this is your holy land. Lord, these are your people. On behalf of the grieving Israelis and innocent Palestinians, bring your peace. Arise and bring your truth and justice as only you can do…


Where there is pain, bring healing. Where there is mistrust, show us stories of bridge-building. Where there is hopelessness and devastation, bring us a path forward paved with your peace. We ask for wise diplomacy in this delicate situation that can shine like a beacon to a world who wonders if hard solutions from two sides are even possible anymore. 


Lord, you are our Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end (Isaiah 44:6, Revelation 1:8). You value every life. You also not only care about our pain right now, but also the kind of world we’re building. You lead with strength and humility—we look to you.


I pray that leaders will arise with strength that’s not their own to do the work that only you can do. Help them to make a difference, right here, right now, and for years to come. You showed us through your own example that the world is worth saving and one life can stem the tide. No situation is too far gone.


Come, Lord Jesus.




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