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Got Prayer?

This week, I attended a prayer meeting for a sick child at my son's school. While I did not plan the meeting, I had the unexpected honor of leading it. I proposed doing a prayer circle for the child, which I led. The women gathered were open to the idea, but admitted that they were intimidated to pray. I explained that prayer is simply talking with God. Each of us often see the same situation a bit differently, and therefore, each prayer is different and valuable. Whether we utter a long supplication or just a few words, the Holy Spirit can inform what we say and work on our behalf. Our gathering alone ushers in Christ's presence (Matthew 18:20).  In these instances, it's easy to think that prayer is simply a means to petition God. Yes, we are asking for healing. But the mom who initiated the group was quick to frame our meeting—we cannot promise any particular outcome from our prayer.  It's true. This side of heaven, creation is broken. Even though there is sin, disord

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