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You are never, ever without hope

Childhood sickness has been heavy on my heart recently. A mom I know has a son who has been fighting for his life. My prayer group has been praying for him and other children. It's hard to witness a child suffering!  This week, I went to a funeral wake for a friend's husband. Last night, my little guy fell and needed stitches. Life is fragile. Below is a devotion I wrote to help tweens and teens who are sick. Please share it with any child who needs the Lord. I pray it encourages you too! You are never, ever without hope. A surprise diagnosis. An unexpected roadblock. A frustrating side effect. Overwhelming pain. Sometimes life stinks. Jesus experienced that too.   Did you know there is a difference between a desperate situation and hopelessness one in scripture? While people of faith may find themselves in desperate situations, we are never without hope. EVER.   Jesus took the ultimate desperate situation and transformed the impossible into the possible. When he resurrected af

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