Children's Book GIVEAWAY: Goodnight, Ark

Me and Author Laura Sassi of Goodnight, Ark

One of the first church camp songs I remember singing told the tale of Noah's ark.  The song was especially popular for its memorable repetition and nifty hand motions.  The beginning went like this:

The Lord said to Noah: there's gonna be a floody, floody
Lord said to Noah: there's gonna be a floody, floody
Get those children out of the muddy, muddy
Children of the Lord...

Perhaps you or your children have sung these lyrics too.  But the story of Noah is more than a classic Christian camp song.  It's more than a captivating tale spun in Sunday school classrooms.  It's one of the first times we learn that God's deliverance from life's "storms" is real, and we can see it in a rainbow.  

As we look into the sky, we never outgrow the wonder of a rainbow - and it's promise.

We have all had to navigate life's storms.  Sometimes these storms are scary.  But when there is no rainbow in sight, we can still reach for a hand to hold.  The more I think about it, the ark represented safety for Noah not only through its physical structure, but through the community housed within.  Noah, under God's direction, was not alone - he had his family and all those animals!

Laura Sassi has crafted a compelling tale about what exactly that community was up to.  If your children have ever been frightened in a storm, then they will find animal friends aboard her ark.  And she spins rhymes even more memorable than that early Christian camp song.

My children not only loved her rhymes, but the endearing pictures by award-winning Jane Chapman.  They were already familiar with Chapman's illustrations in Bear Snores On.  The combination of Sassi and Chapman together is magical as it brings to life a familiar tale and demonstrates the power of community.

Want a free copy of Goodnight, Ark sent to you?  Then register for this giveaway through the entry form below or by clicking here.  It's fast and easy, with bonus entry options too!  

The contest will run from 10 am Monday, December 8th to 10 am Wednesday, December 10th EST 2014.

Stay tuned tomorrow for an exclusive interview with Laura!  Although her book is not expressly Christian, we'll get a "behind the scenes" look at how her Christian faith and life as a mom shaped her book!  

For more encouragement as we journey through life's storms, read my post entitled What to Do in a Storm.  For the full lyrics to the "Rise and Shine" song quoted above, click here.  


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