Reclaiming Christmas

I live in a neighborhood that really gets into decorating.  Inflatables were everywhere in our neighborhood last Christmas.  And by inflatables, I do not mean small ones.  No.  There were penguins in a life-sized sleigh, a six-foot Frosty, an eight-foot Snoopy, and a traveling twelve-foot Santa who graced several lawns...that was curious.

Our kids loved riding around and seeing the characters, huge outdoor ornaments on trees (we never had those growing up), and lights.  But on one drive by, I was disappointed to see an inflatable Santa in an outhouse.  He would move to peek his head out as the sign above him read, "Occupied."

I get the joke, three shades more crass than the beloved movie classic Christmas Vacation.  But we can choose when to turn a movie on and off in our house.  When something's on a neighborhood lawn, it's a different story.  Every child who saw the Santa was mesmerized, and even if they didn't fully understand the joke, they were still learning.

That inflatable struck me as representing everything wrong with Christmas celebrations in our culture.  Jesus has been replaced by Santa, and even that generous elf isn't safe anymore.  It makes me wonder:  Are we at risk of losing the sacredness of Christmas?

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Find out how we can steer clear of emptiness and cultivate rich spiritual meaning with our families this Christmas.

If this article resonates with you, here is a prayer to say this week as we seek to intentionally ground our Christmas season:

Dear God, Thank you for sending your precious son Jesus into the world.  Help us to honor that gift as we teach our children.  Give us insight into establishing meaningful traditions that breathe new life and hope into our families and bring us closer to you.  Make us your witnesses, for we praise your glory and marvel at your love.  In Jesus' name, Amen.


I hope you enjoyed this Christmas encouragement from the archives!  Be sure to tune in on MONDAY next week and the next.  I have two exciting book reviews with free giveaways coming up - the books would make perfect Christmas stocking stuffers! Next week is something for the KIDS, and the next week is something for YOU!  Please spread the word and stay tuned!

{Photo by KB35 at Flickr, Edited}


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