Small Talk: GIVEAWAY and Spotlight #1

This week, I am giving away a free, signed copy of Small Talk: Learning from My Children about What Matters Most by Amy Julia Becker.  The book is divided into 29 chapters, each of which focuses on a theological topic as it relates to parenting.

Today through Thursday, I will be sharing snippets of Amy Julia's book with you.  These are snippets that I found particularly poignant and meaningful.  They also help to demonstrate her style, which is a subtle mix of theological reflection and real life vignettes.

The topic I chose for today is BIRTH from her chapter with the same name.  Amy Julia writes this while pregnant with her third child:

"Just as physical birth is messy and complicated, being born spiritually is not a neat and tidy transformation.  It is an ongoing story of neediness and growth and trust.

As I begin to prepare our household for this third child - find the bassinet and infant car seat, dusting off Penny's newborn clothes, searching bins in the basement for rattles and swaddling blankets and teething rings - I begin to remember the vulnerability of new life. New babies have to learn even the simplest things - how to eat and sleep and smile.  Now that I've gone through infancy with the older two, I understand that birth is only the beginning of a relationship that asks a lot of the parent and expects nothing but dependency from the child.  Maybe dependency is all God asks of us."

Have you allowed the Father to care for you today?

Register to win your copy of Small Talk by scrolling down to find the entry form or by clicking here.  The contest will end at 12 pm EST on Thursday.  All entrants will receive an invitation to join my email listserv - just click on the link that will come in your email if you want to accept!  Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next snippet on KINDNESS...Don't miss it!


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