Small Talk: GIVEAWAY and Spotlight #3

There are only 3 hours left to register for a chance to win your copy of Small Talk: Learning from My Children about What Matters Most by Amy Julia Becker!  This week, I have shared my review and some favorite snippets from the book.  It is divided into 29 chapters, each of which focuses on a theological topic as it relates to parenting.

The final topic I chose for today is LAUGHTER from her chapter with the same name.  Amy Julia shares a trick that she learned while working for a Christian youth ministry out of college:

"My boss back then told me that when things were tense at work or when she had to do something that might be tedious, like lead a staff meeting, she would pray for laughter.

I never thought I would apply that advice to my family.  But then the tension that came from exhaustion filled our house and tedious logistics overtook my days.  I was close to giving up on prayer altogether.  Instead, I started to pray for laughter.  For a long time, in fact, this was my only consistent prayer for our family... 

Whenever laughter broke through, it reminded me that God was with us.  

I began to appreciate how easily my kids laugh... 

Jesus tells us that our faith ought to resemble that of little children.  I wonder if our laughter ought to resemble theirs too.  And I wonder if laughter - holy laughter, laughter that brings us together and emerges out of love - is the soil for faith."

It goes to show that laughter really is the best medicine - even in family life.

Register to win your copy of Small Talk by scrolling down to find the entry form or by clicking here.  The contest will end at 12 pm EST today.  All entrants will receive an invitation to join my email listserv - just click on the link that will come in your email if you want to accept!  Good luck!


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