How to Move from Insecure to SECURE Right Now

How-to-Move-from-Insecure-to-Secure-Right-Now_558X284This week I'm delighted to be back at The Laundry Moms sharing some encouragement that I like to turn to whenever I need it. (Can I add that I love the hair in their picture above?!) I heard from a dear friend this week who is going through a hard time, and she said the worst thing is that she feels like she is losing hope. If you've ever felt that way or are feeling that way right now, read this post to remind you of the STRENGTH we have by faith. It's a renewable resource...

Have you ever felt:
  • Excluded
  • Flawed
  • Under-qualified
  • Unlovable
  • Or even, unworthy of your blessings?
These emotions are treacherous.  They're treacherous because we can all feel them. They're treacherous because they can persistently whisper down deep below the surface. On the outside, we may look fine.  But these insecurities can secretly chip away at our souls.

It's one thing to know God's promises, but it's another to really believe them.  How do we take what we read on the pages of scripture and make them a part of how we esteem ourselves?  How do we replace lies with God's truth?  I am not talking about composing a sound belief structure.  I am talking about rewriting the very personal voices in our head and heart...

Click here to read my story about how I learned to do this and to discover 5 scriptural promises that will make all the difference for you today!


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