Watch "The Chaos of Holiday Hecticness!" On Demand

Do you ever feel like the best gifts of the season evade you amidst the frantic nature of the holidays? Do you find yourself preparing trappings when you wish you could be preparing your heart for something far richer? In this episode of Chaos to Calm, I sit down with two pastors who are also parents and explore how they try to capture the true meaning of the season. You will hear personal childhood memories plus learn a fun way of engaging your children around Christmas...I am not going to tell you where all of the nativity figurines wind up!

This episode is my gift to you, friends. I pray it enriches your season, home, and heart.

Did you like it? Please SHARE it! I need your help to get the word out about this hopefully helpful and meaningful ministry. What better time to think of someone and share than at Christmas?


P.S. I hint in this episode about a BIG giveaway happening on my January show (thank you, Zonderkidz), plus introduce my upcoming guest. She's an author who has captured the hearts of many, many children, and she will capture yours too!


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