Living Fully within the Storm

"Storms in life don’t have to be literal to be devastating."

This week, I'm sharing a piece I wrote for the October edition of my writer's guild publication, The Redbud Post. Join me in finding hope, choosing faith, and benefiting from God's peace in all of life's storms. I write:

"As the country braced for Hurricane Laura’s ensuing destruction, I followed the storm’s formation. I saw white, mammoth clouds spinning and churning through satellite images. There were purple flashes of lightning within the cyclone. Yet the center, the eye of the hurricane was different. It was a place of peace, a dark hole of rest visible all the way out in space as well. It made me wonder: How can we as Christians live in the eye of the storm, in a place of peace regardless of what is swirling around us?"

Find the article and continue reading here

Stay tuned next week for a new fall episode of HTTV's "Chaos to Calm with Noelle Kirchner," which will be available to watch on-demand here! I talk COVID-19 and back-to-school issues, rising tween anxiety, faith and sexuality, and more with a ministry and psychologist duo.

Also, I started a Bible study with fellow women at my church based upon my new book this past weekend. Check out their sweet faces on Instagram! 


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